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  1. Ugh, ran into my first spot of trouble. I'm unsure which version of MBAM to download. If I go to this page: https://www.malwarebytes.org/products/ I see MBAM Free and Premium. I'd guess it's the Premium version? My license on the old version was for the "pro" version. However, there are only links for download on the Free version. That brings to mind that there used to be a special method for paid users to download or upgrade. Something I don't exactly recall.
  2. Thanks for your helpful and courteous reply. I will put this on my to-do list for today. Will let you know how things work out.
  3. Bought it way back in 2012 from Newegg. From my invoice it seems I might have ordered a CD or DVD, since I got a shipping confirmation and tracking number as well as an invoice. Is that possible? If I had to guess, I'd have guessed that it was a download and that I would have received the key via email. A halfhearted search through my inventory of old CDs and DVDs didn't turn up a MBAM install disk. It's been running fine, but recently in conversation with a friend, I realized my version never updated. Here is a screenshot of my "About" tab in MBAM: Now my question is this. Clear
  4. I can find no reason whatsoever why this site is blocked. Blocking it causes issues for me on loading a game on Kongregate.com. I checked with a couple of safe browsing checkers, eg. https://www.google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?site= https://www.google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?site=http://souillat.net/ At best it is an unknown site.
  5. I was reading something in the MyDigitalLife forums and they referred to a OEM query tool for Windows. I did a Google serch for that and once I clicked on the links in the search results, things went funny. First off, MBAM (I have the paid version) went nuts, blocking a site. Then I noticed that almost every link on the search results page was doing this. Here is a link to a screenshot of the search results page: http://i61.tinypic.com/2cxglyr.jpg Only the first 2 links are not blocked by MBAM. Here is the result when blocked: http://i62.tinypic.com/4sbgp4.jpg Note the gTLD of topsoftd
  6. Trying to run a network speed test from speedtest.net to their site in Dallas hosted on Softlayer Technologies to my computer, I get that the Chrome process is blocked from accessing the website. The speed test times out with a latency issue. I can test to similar sites in other locations. I hoe that's all the information you need. I'd appreciate an understanding of this, protection-log-2014-01-04.txt
  7. Well thank you. I read all of what you posted, and the links. My situation does not apply to Skype or P2P. If is specific to speedtest.net. The connection to perform the test was blocked. Speedtest reports it as a latency issue. As for the process, it is reported as chrome.exce (my browser). So yea, I'm just going to go ahead and report this as a false positive.
  8. I wanted to run a Speedtest from Speedtest.net to a site near a server that I often use. I chose a speedtest site hosted by Softlayer Technologies - a well-known Internet company and in fact an IBM subsidiary. MBAM reported the site as blocked. 2014/01/04 08:41:02 -0600 IVY Mike IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing, Port: 58989, Process: chrome.exe) What would lead to this type of issue? I am usually very reluctant to bypass the block that MBAM puts in place, but this one just does not seem to make much sense. Attaching the complete log for today. protection-log-2014-01-04.txt
  9. Was checking my MBAM logs and found this: 2013/06/30 21:42:46 -0500 IVY (null) ERROR Scheduled update failed: No address found failed with error code 0 Full log attached. protection-log-2013-06-30.txt
  10. Thank you. Yea, I never intended for it to be there. This user is, shall I say, "something special." He told me that he moved it to Program Files... My request was for the file to be on the desktop.
  11. OK, This is where I will fully understand if we all close this topic. My tester has given me his log, but it seems corrupted - or something. Frankly I don't expect anyone here to spend any additional time on this, not am I planning to. I would like to thank both posters for their time and effort to help me understand this. protection-log-2013-06-27.txt
  12. I believe he might have put it in a directory under the Program Files Directory.
  13. I could have sworn I replied to this post earlier. In general, what I posted then (and that apparently did not make it here). Was a bit more background that explained why I might not be able to provide the log. I wrote the script and have no problems with it. I distributed it to some fellow beta members to assist in obtaining older logs. One member installed the script in his Program Files folder (as opposed to on the desktop) That member reported the MBAM issue. I have asked him for copies of his log, but in general I'm not hopeful. Further I thanked you (and do so again) for your assista
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