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  1. Hi,


    From what I understand from your post is that you used our Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Mobile application to "delete" 3 norton apps that it found.  


    However our application is not designed with the functionality to delete or un-install apps. It uses the built in Android Application Manager to "Force Close" applications and also to gather App Information. 


    Please let me know if there is something that I can assist you with. 



    Jerry Li

  2. Hi 


    Yes, if you could tell us the exact model number, Baseband version, kernel version, and build number  for your phone it would help us determine if you are running the stock rom or a custom rom.  It is safe to share it since it does not contain any personal information. 


    To find this information  please  Go to  Settings > More Tab or the very bottom of the menu > Then tap  About Device or About Phone to have  all of the information view able.  



    Jerry Li

  3. Hi Siratfus



    When you add them to  the whitelist, Malwarebytes will not detect them as malicious software in future scans. 



    Could you please tell me what operating system are you running on your Galaxy Note 2 ?  Is  it the stock rom or a custom rom, if it is a custom rom could you tell me which one you are using and where did you download it from?



    Jerry Li

  4. Hi 


    In regards to your issue with the application scanning after each update, please try turning off Scheduled Scans by going to the Scheduled Scans option under Settings.


    In regards to your your issue the application scanning every time there is an edit or change of files, please try un-selecting Real-Time Protection under Settings.



    I have included screenshots of both options in case there is confusion.



    Jerry Li



  5. Hi 


    Could you please try the following steps below


    1. Un-install the application

    2. Completely turn off the tablet

    3. Restart the tablet and re-install by downloading from the Google Play Store


    Please let me know if these steps fixes the issues that you are currently facing.  



    Jerry Li

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