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  1. Yup, everything worked the way it should. Using Word 2007, all documents opened properly. Thank you for looking into the issue. Sincerely, mjhedger
  2. ================================================== ProgID : ColleagueImport.ColleagueImportAddin Description : The Add-in allows Microsoft Office SharePoint Server to import colleague suggestions based on your Outlook content Software : Outlook Start Mode : Load at Startup Connected : Yes Product Name : Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server Version : 12.0.6500.5000 Company : Microsoft Corporation File Description : Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server component File Created Time : 2/26/2009 1:46:56 PM Filename : E:\PROG
  3. OS version: Win 7 Ultimate Architecture: 64 OS language: English MS Office version: 2007 MS Office SP: 3 (12.0.6662.5000) MS Office language: English Other security software: Microsoft Security Essentials Word Version: 12.0.6668.5000
  4. I verified I am running 0.9.2 but the .1200 does not show within MAE. I uninstalled my old version (which I think was as I downloaded it the morning after it was released), then downloaded fresh from your link and installed anew. My Word problem still occurs with MAE enabled.
  5. Windows 7 64-bit with Microsoft Office 2007. I only tried Microsoft Word, so I am unsure on the other executable and personal files: When attempting to open (double-click) a word file (for example, from the Desktop), I get the message, "There was a problem sending the command to the program." Word will open, but the docx file I clicked on does not open. Stopping or exiting MAE resolves the issue. Also, opening Word, then loading my docx file within Word also resolves the issue, and this will work with MAE running. I have a Microsoft Problem Steps Recorder view of the issue upon request.
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