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  1. Is waterfox based on firefox? If so b simply renaming the execuables to firefox.exe and plugin-container.exe it will be shielded by MBAE.


    I use Pale Moon and was kind of wondering the same thing.........


    So, what you are saying is to go to C:\Program Files\Pale Moon and rename the file Pale Moon.exe to Firefox.exe and the browser wil be shielded?

  2. Hey guys, I split this off into its own topic so it doesn't get mixed up with the content and other replies to that pinned topic.

    Also, Thankful, one quick question for you to help me understand. What precisely do you see when you access the Shields tab? Does it look like the below image? Is it the same except every padlock is 'unlocked'? Is it just completely blank?:



    Mine is pretty much the same, only thing is that both the shield and unshield buttons on the shields tab are inactive, I cannot unshield any of the applications if I wanted to. Windows 7 SP1 x64

  3. I just downloaded Malwarebytes Anti - Exploit version 0.9.2 beta.


    I am running Windows 7 SP1 x64, I have both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer on my system along with Firefox V 21.0, both Firefox and the 32 bit version of IE 9 work fine but when I go to use the 64 bit version of IE 9 I get "Exploit Attempt Blocked! - Anti - Exploit has blocked an exploit attempt"


    I am figuring that this must be a bug in the software, I cannot see how one version of the browser can be exploited and not the other? I do a full system scan of my system with Malwarebytes anti-malware daily, do offline virus scans three times a week with AVG IS 2013 and at least one online scan using Eset's online scanner once a month, last one done just a few days ago and everything comes up clean.


    Also the program does not let me shield or unshield any applications under the shields tab, also cannot add any exclusions to the exclusions tab.


    I have installed and uninstalled twice now with reboots after uninstalling, and am still coming up with the same results.


    Any help on correcting this would be much appreciated.

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