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  1. Under the active development and great customer support offered by Pedro and Malwarebytes, MBAE is going to be the number one Anti-Exploit Application available in the very soon future. Therefore, it itself is going to be the target of attacks! Such as modification/elimination of MBAE files (including program files and logs files directory), tampering with its registry keys and termination of MBAE processes. Are there any self-defense mechanisms already implemented into protecting MBAE? Such as Malwarebytes Chameleon which is implemented as a self-protection module in MBAM 2 Beta. Are there an
  2. For me, this new alpha build is not conflicting anymore with EMET's SimExecFlow mitigation! Chrome, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Windows Media Player and Adobe Reader all (except Google Chrome) are added to EMET's protection list with ALL mitigations enabled and in the same time all are properly shielded by MBAE. Anybody out there experiencing this?
  3. Installed Trusteer Rapport (Version: Emerald Build 1304.13) alongside MBAE There are no conflicts or compatibility issues between MBAE & Trusteer. Google chrome opens normally. I can verify that Chrome is properly shielded by MBAE through viewing mbae.dll injected into the browser processes spaces and in the same time I can see Chrome is properly manipulated by Trusteer through injecting its module "rooksbas.dll". However, as a side note for those using EMET, MBAE, Trusteer Rpport and Chrome,it seems that there is a compatibility issue between EMET & Trusteer while tryin
  4. Is there still any conflict or compatibility issues between MBAE and Rapport Trusteer? I am asking because in past (MBAE I had problems opening Google chrome due to incompatibility with rapport trusteer so I dubbed trusteer in favor of MBAE.
  5. I did what you said and I am awaiting for the problem to happen (hopefully!) and send you the dump file. Just to make sure is "complete memory dumps" is the same as "Kernel memory dump"? That is because in "write debugging information" drop-down there are two options for me "small memory dump (256 KB) & Kernel memory dump" and there are not such options as automatic and complete memory dumps. Regarding WSA you are welcome.
  6. I tried a lot in different ways but not succeeded to replicate it even once. I will let you know if this happens again or if I would be able to replicate it. Just to let you know I was able to configure WSA to allow MBAE injections and now they both work like charm together. Settings of "Identity Protection" of WSA >>> "Application Protection" tab >>>> "Add Application" button >>>> added both "mbae.exe & mbae-loader.exe" in the MBAE's program files folder and SELECTED "Allow" for both of them.
  7. I deactivated WSA 2014 only and NOT Comodo Firewall. Bingo, MBAE is now working as it is supposed to do! So, in brief the problem was due to WSA in my case. I hope there will be a solution to this conflict in the near future. Just to let you know here are some observations by me: 1) Google chrome and MBAE are protected by EMET 4. When both MBAE & EMET are running I fire up Google chrome and it is going to be protected and shielded properly by both EMET & MBAE . So, there is no conflicts (by my side) between EMET 4 & MBAE 2) I have 25 chrome.exe processes (with e
  8. The previous version of MBAE was working properly with WSA 2014, Comodo Firewall 6.3.294583.2937, and EMET 4 installed . All the shielded applications (Google chrome, Adobe reader, Windows media player, ... etc) were working properly. But with this new version of MBAE no application is shielded whatsoever. I installed MBAE as it is instructed by pbust in this website. It did install with no problems, but no application is shielded by this new version. Through process hacker no "mbae.dll or mbae64.dll" is found to be injected into any processes. mbae-default.log
  9. When trying to open google chrome (while MBAE is running of course) it crashes instantly. No browser window opens at all, but through Process Hacker it's possible to see that a chrome.exe process starts and terminates within a second. This happens also with all chrome extensions disabled. I also tried running GC with administrative privileges but still the same result. All this happens without any notifications from MBAE either from its logs tab or the general tab. In contrast, while MBAE is running Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 (both versions 32 bit & 64 bit) is running normally and shiel
  10. The new feature of Exclusions in MBAE is not working and it's not active at all. It seems like a bug. Any idea about that?
  11. I have a similar problem. In my case when trying to open google chrome it crashes instantly, but there are no problems opening internet explorer and it runs normally. When MBAE is exited or its protection stopped google chrome opens normally.
  12. Did what you asked for, but still the same results are happening.
  13. It is set to safe mode. By the way I have no problems running internet explorer while running MBAE.
  14. Hello ROCKNROLLKID, When google chrome is started it instantly crashes down due to MBAE running. When I either stop the MBAE through the stop protection button or exit it the mentioned browser opens normally. I have comodo firewall, webroot secureanywhere and Rapport trusteer. Any help is highly appreciated.
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