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  1. Welcome to the forum. As you suspected, it is probably due to some other third-party application relying on IE or another browser to do some tasks in the background. Every time that happens, MBAE will still inject into the browser instance and protect it.


  2. Thanks for confirming!

    Yeah there's still many websites that rely on VBScripting which was deprecated by Microsoft some time ago due to the security holes it opens up. In fact many Exploit Kits are still abusing VBScripting, so it's a good idea to keep that technique enabled in MBAE.


  3. Tomg35, you can always get a refund, it's not too late. Just PM me your license details and contact information and I'll get the process started.

    Just FYI Trusteer pushed out a new version which included a bug in their code. It is not only MBAE that is affected by this bug. Any third-party security product that does API hooking is potentially affected by the Trusteer bug. As soon as we found out, we pushed out the upgrade which fixes the Trusteer bug by whitelisting it.


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