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  1. Sorry it took so long. The MB 3.1 beta has just been published here:


    It includes the fix for the Office issue.

    FWIW I think you are all right. We've had a lot of issues in the past for how to deal with conflicts with betas and 3rd party software, but OTOH MSFT started throttling Win10 CU and MB3 should be compatible out of the gate. Let's keep it civil and thanks for keeping us honest.


  2. David, I can assure you we are giving this issue top priority.There are a couple of other big moving parts with the impending release of 3.1 which includes this fix and is almost code complete. As soon as we have the build we will post it here and release an automatic Component Update to the entire user base.

    Sorry for the problem this has caused all of you. It was triggered due to an unforeseen last minute change in the Win10 Creators Update. We have been in communication with Microsoft since the first time this was reported and are working with them on a daily basis to deploy the fix asap.



  3. Unfortunately this is the nature of our generic/signatureless remediation technology (i.e. linking engine) which finds malware artifacts related to the original detected malware/PUP. There are some PUPs that are very large in size and this is an unfortunate side effect. On the positive side, it allows us to be really good at malware remediation.

    We do have an internal project ongoing to takes a different approach that might solve this for PUPs, but that project is still in incubation.



  4. Our Research Team has been monitoring this application for some time and has decided to add detection based on triggers against our PUP detection criteria.

    The detection is correct and not a false positive. We will continue monitoring this application and if we notice a change in the behavior we will review it again.

    If for whatever reason you want to continue using Advanced SystemCare, you can simply uncheck the detections and click Next after a scan with MBAM, and the prompt will ask you if you want to "Ignore Once" or "Ignore Always". If you Ignore Always it won't be detected any more.


  5. We are happy to announce the public beta of our upcoming cloud-based platform for Incident Response for companies.

    Malwarebytes Incident Response incorporates the following key high-level features:

    • Cloud-based management console
    • Dashboard views
    • Endpoint & asset management
    • Policy and group management
    • Scheduled scans
    • Malware discovery and remediation

    This is a great opportunity for you to get an early glimpse of our new Malwarebytes Incident Response built on our new Cloud Platform.

    We are looking for beta testers who can deploy Malwarebytes Incident Response in a business environment to at least 5 endpoint Windows machines. If you want to become a Beta tester we will set you up with an account and instructions on how to get started. To sign up simply send an email to DL-NebulaBeta@malwarebytes.com.



  6. EMET has some EMET-specific mitigations and limited in nature as compared to MBAE.

    For example, EMET has ASR which basically disables a bunch of content in certain applications. They do this since they cannot protect from exploits through those applications, while MBAE's Layer3 can (think Java exploits, application design abuses, etc.).

    OTOH EMET has some anti-detouring since it uses Detours. But MBAE does not need those since it uses a different approach.

    Last but not least, MBAE uses a multi layer approach to mitigations and the mitigations we have in place are the ones that make the most amount of sense to us to deal with exploits ITW. MBAE is also supported and maintained actively, while EMET is not.


  7. We currently don't have direct integration into LogRhythm or other SIEMs. It all needs to go through a syslog first and then feed the events from the syslog to the LogRhythm SIEM. Our Sales Engineers have a library of integration scripts into a bunch of different SIEMs and other network tools (Breach Detection Systems, Endpoint manangement frameworks, etc.). Send me a PM and I'll put you in touch if you are interested in those.


  8. Welcome to the forum cmorris.

    There's two ways to do this:

    1- Forward events from centralized Malwarebytes Management Console to a syslog server. This can be activated from the "Admin" pane.

    2- Enable syslog support on each endpoint (by simply creating a registry key and some values) and point each endpoint to submit their MBAE events directly to the syslog server, bypassing the Management Console. Details for this can be found towards the end of the "MBAE Admin Guide".



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