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  1. It is actually XP that starts unreliably and sometimes it takes longer than others, triggering the MBAE service timeout. If you really want to run the latest, try switching the MBAE service to Manual, and then creating a batch script that runs at boot, sleeps for a few minutes, then starts the MBAE service and then runs the mbae UI executable.
  2. Yes, a few years ago we added the most common and popular email clients as default internal shields for blocking malicious attachments.
  3. You're correct. This is mostly designed for corporate environments.
  4. Hey hake, long time no talk. Hope you're doing ok. Pen-testing is a legitimate activity when done correctly. Some pen-testing tactics mimic malware activity and some don't. We've basically created this option for people who want to detect pen-testing activity even if it is not found in-the-wild in malware attacks.
  5. Hi hake. You can cancel the subscription and continue using the perpetual standalone beta for consumers which is basically the same functionality.
  6. Arthi is on vacation, trying to cover for her. Try this link instead: https://malwarebytes.box.com/s/qmsnivh3l0gy795g6a1lizqsfwfqjxsy
  7. Hi hake, long time no speak. Glad to see you're still around keeping an eye on MBAE! Yes, the team is still very active and introducing lots of improvements into MBAE on a regular basis. Thanks to you and all other testers for helping us keep MBAE effective and evolving over time!
  8. Try disabling the LoadLibrary protection for Browsers under the Anti-Exploit Advanced Settings -> Application Behavior protection.
  9. pbust

    mbae-test tool

    Because by default MBAE shields certain popular apps (browsers, office, java, pdfreaders, etc.). You need to add hmpalert64-test.exe as a custom shield so it gets protected by MBAE before running the test.
  10. pbust

    mbae-test tool

    MBAE-TEST.EXE simulates exploit behavior like executing from the Heap, ROP gadgets, etc., but it is not weaponized and instead simply pops open the Windows Calculator. But it does trigger exploit behavior to see if the installed protection has real exploit mitigations in place or not. The reason that most AVs don't detect MBAE-TEST.EXE is because either (a) they don't want to detect it with signatures as it would make it obvious that they don't have any modern exploit mitigation technology in their product, or (b) they don't have any modern exploit mitigation technology in their products. So yeah, you guessed it, the reality is that most AVs don't have effective and signature-less exploit protection. Sophos' detection is based on their acquisition of SurfRight's HitmanPro.Alert technology, which is similar to Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit technology which does not rely on any signatures. Re: the AMTSO PUP crapware, we'll add detection for it to avoid other users questioning whether we have PUP protection in our products or not. But given the irrelevance of AMTSO as an organization, and the fact that their President is the owner of AppEsteem, a certification body whose business model is to certify PUPs in exchange for money, I wouldn't pay much attention to it.
  11. Please see below for the main questions and answers about the new Malwarebytes 3. What is new in Malwarebytes 3 Upgrading to Malwarebytes 3 Pricing Third-party testing & anti-virus replacement Existing subscriptions How to report a new issue How to get help for Malwarebytes 3 Malwarebytes 3 files to be added to A/V exclusions list Available assistance for possibly infected computers Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.x FAQ Malwarebytes support for legacy Windows XP and Vista Operating Systems Malwarebytes support for Windows 7 If you have any questions that are not covered please post them in this sub-forum and we'll incorporate them in the FAQ for future reference. If you have questions about Malwarebytes Anti-Malware version 2.x, please view our FAQ here: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/187842-malwarebytes-anti-malware-v2x-faq/
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