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  1. Addition.txtFRST.txtMalwarebytes Scan 121917.txt Farbar had an "Failed to update (3)" error on start. AdwCleaner[C4].txt
  2. Applications are hanging up and internet processing is slow. Can run speedtest and will run to my numbers as it should, But open tabs will hang. When checking with process explorer, firefox will show multiple instances running. Addition.txt FRST.txt Malwarebytesscan121417.txt
  3. Thanks for you assistance in looking at the Farbar..
  4. May have found the issue, some drivers under networking I turned off a series of wan drivers now seems to be working.
  5. That is correct. Sitting at desktop working on laptop.
  6. Ok, cool, It will show connected to the wifi then when you open a browser it will load a page Facebook, foxnews etc. but it you try to navigate the wifi drops and also I can not access this site or other Anti Virus related pages or do av program update. That is why i was thinking a virus that was denying service.
  7. Latest Scan Addition.txt FRST.txt
  8. Hello, I have a laptop that I have ran several scans on but, still has issues with internet connectivity that I don't think are hardware related. I can gain access for a few seconds and then I loose connectivity. Farbar text files attached. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  9. I think we have got all settled for the moment, the other thread is locked.. A quick question the last week or so I have had Avira wanting to do an upgrade with this file ( Avira.OE.Setup.Bundle.Migration.exe). I usually keep that updated and the files don't look the same as if I downloaded the latest version from Filehippo. Thanks
  10. Running better than it was. Still get slammed with a bunch of system and Firefox connections on start up when starting FFox.. Here are a couple of logs, if you do not see anything there, then I guess we have done all we can. For This old machine. Logs from TCP View. tcpview 081314 snapshot 5 min later.txt tcpview 081314 snapshot on startup.txt
  11. Long day Yesterday, running Malwarebytes now. Will post when done.
  12. Connections are running better, there still seems to be a lot of system processes open when I go onto firefox. Any other scans that need to be ran?
  13. Mr Charlie, I was asked to start this new thread with the Farbar log, but someone started working with me from the original post. If we need to close this one do so, or we can see how the other thread goes. Thanks Mitch
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