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  1. If that site has any malware on it, you are inviting it by excluding the website.  Torrent is not web.  They are two separate entities, and using one often brings along a connection to the one that will bite you.

  2. JonA1,


    As digmorcrusher said, possibly a reinstall would fix this (after running mbam_clean) to do a proper uninstall.  You mentioned the latest version but did not say exactly which version you are referring to.  That would be valuable information.  You may also want to check out the MALWARE REMOVAL forum if a reinstall doesn't work, because nobody else is reporting the error you are reporting.  That would lead us to believe that it may be an issue with your computer more than the program.  Try the uninstall and reinstall first.

  3. You already have it, and you activated a 14-day trial of the premium features.  If you want to get back to basics now instead of waiting another 4 days, look on the Dashboard for the line that says "Real Time Protection."  There is a link there that says END FREE TRIAL.  Click that and your trial will end.  You will have the free version, and will no longer have real time protection or the ability to schedule scans or updates.

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