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  1. Not to mention malware, hijacks, memory leaks, sloppy code, etc.
  2. The problem was an internal bug that we thought was fixed. We were wrong. The site is now accessible.
  3. I just verified site is accessible.
  4. No blocks noted. Site is accessible.
  5. I need a URL to verify and potentially whitelist. Just have a filename at the present time.
  6. Whitelisted. Please allow 15-30 minutes.
  7. Whitelisted (TLD). Please allow 15-30 minutes for changes to propagate.
  8. gonzo


    Site has been whitelisted. Please allow 15-30 minutes for changes to propagate.
  9. (Tuesday) No problems noted. Site is accessible without warnings.
  10. Whitelist entry has been added. Sorry for the delay.
  11. Its actually not Browser Guard. Its a block in the Premium Malwarebytes program, which overrides mine. It is being unblocked, though it may take a few hours for changes to take effect.
  12. No clue. I'm just here doing whitelisting. I asked about this one and found out that reputations are updated every 20 minutes, so blocks can come and go.
  13. This time I could see the block. I whitelisted it, and have asked why the block is coming and going.
  14. I noticed a report on another site from 12 hours (or so) ago about a block that isn't there anymore. Maybe something was going on...who knos.
  15. gonzo


    This is an MWAC block and verified to be valid. Here's the evidence on it: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/f7c5590c9b30db9bb5bd0764735d44ef271d8e3ee645c796c662e6c7b4dca3dc/detection
  16. It is blocked the first time you try it, but it works after that. I whitelisted the download link anyway because people will complain after attempt #1 (if at all).
  17. Not seeing a block on Windows in Firefox or Chrome
  18. Website has been whitelisted. Please allow 15-30 minutes for changes to take effect.
  19. gonzo

    Page blocked

    The main part of the website (udoo.org was accessible). The shop.udoo.org subdomain was blocked. I have whitelisted it. Please allow 15-30 minutes for changes to make their way to you, and it should again be accessible for you.
  20. This website uses several trackers to keep track of everything you do here. I have made a change to allow one tracker through, as it controls visibility of the images. You can always add ads/trackers to the allow list for this website (look for the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the Browser Guard screen to access the allow list). That would allow all website features to be visible/accessible at all times. Please allow a few minutes for the changes to propagate into the field.
  21. @exile360 I tweaked the string again. Try it out (after 15-30 minutes). When it comes to some of the CDN-based services, its hard to know how generous/careful I need to be.
  22. Make sure you check the date of the last test (upper right corner of the VT page). If it isn't current, click the circular link to run a new check.
  23. gonzo

    False positive

    Whitelist entry has been added. Please allow 15-30 minutes. Let us know if block continues after that.
  24. @exile360 Every permutation of that link is coming up as a broken XML page. Not sure what to do with it.
  25. I created a whitelist entry that should unblock the /tools/ folder. Give it 15-30 minutes to propagate, and let me know if there are any further issues. Github was accessible.
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