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  1. I just added this URL to the whitelist. Give it a few minutes, then try it. Please report back if there are any issues.
  2. Whitelisted now. Give it half an hour or so and try again. If it doesn't work, I'll use Plan B.
  3. Whitelist entry for the download has been created.
  4. gonzo

    False Positive

    Whitelist entry has been added. Please allow a few minutes for the DB to propagate. Thanks!
  5. The site has been whitelisted, though if the block was due to trackers, I may need more information to whitelist it properly. Please give it 30-60 minutes for the database changes to propagate out.
  6. Whitelist for above two sites has been added. Please allow time for the database to propagate out.
  7. The Malwarebytes block is being removed, and that will cause the Browser Guard block to be removed as well. Please give it time for a database update to propagate out.
  8. There is also a Malwarebytes block exclusive of Browser Guard. I am submitting this to Research for verification.
  9. Asking Product Manager to have a look at this. Sorry for issues and delays...
  10. gonzo


    The block is being removed. Please allow some time for database changes to propagate out.
  11. I observed the block as well. I created a whitelist entry for this site. Give it a few minutes and try again.
  12. I created a whitelist entry for this site. Give it a few minutes and try again.
  13. This particular file seems to be popular amongst the various AV vendors... https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/1c116269fc9fb4061345ac68414d5dc7cd364486a85238b0fb64afdc58dfabbe/detection
  14. I was asked by the Product Manager to remove the whitelist entry an hour ago because he said that it would not provide access to the site anyway. He needs to weigh in on this with any information he may have. I will let him know about the current status of this thread,
  15. Well, I'm not getting blocks at all. Regardless, I added a whitelist entry. Give it a few minutes to propagate, try again then, and let me know if there are still any issues.
  16. Are you trying to do anything specific on the site? It is not blocked for me with either Firefox or Chrome.
  17. Site has been whitelisted.
  18. Hmmm. Verified, and now investigating...
  19. fark.com has now been whitelisted.
  20. I did whitelist the whole subdomain. You should be fine. Please let us know if that is not the case.
  21. The site has been whitelisted. Please allow 30 minutes for the database to propagate out.
  22. I have added a whitelist entry for the requested URL.
  23. gonzo


    I have just whitelisted the site. After the database propagates out, it should no longer be blocked.
  24. Researchers confirmed it is NOT a false positive.
  25. heh heh Thank you! I think that "Exclusion" should be "Exclusions" as well. The Product Manager will likely make note of this thread.
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