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  1. Received word that site block was removed. I have added to whitelist for Browser Guard as well. Please allow a little while for changes to propagate, and let us know if its available for you. Sorry for all the delays.
  2. Because it is blocked by our primary protection as well as by Browser Guard, I am powerless to do anything meaningful until I receive a final disposition from people in charge of the primary protection. If I remove the Browser Guard block, it would still remain blocked. I have asked for a review and am waiting for results.
  3. Whitelist entry has been added. Please give it a few minutes to propagate out. Sorry for the delays.
  4. Added to whitelist. Please allow 30-60 minutes for propagation delays. Thanks!
  5. VirusTotal shows that BitDefender lists this site as having malware. DNS8 also not happy with it. Let me check into it further.
  6. Whitelisted both sites that were mentioned. Should be fine by the next time you try to access them.
  7. I just fired up the machine for the week and found this. Using Chrome, I went to the site and used the same download link you referred to earlier. No problems. When you had issues with your laptop (from your most recent message), had you just powered it up? The only thing I can think of is that the change I made had not had time to propagate to a computer that was not available when the whitelist change was pushed out. Please let me know, 'cuz I don't have an intelligent answer for this one right now.
  8. gonzo

    Website Blocked

    I just checked it in Chrome and Firefox...no blocks on either.
  9. Thanks for the additional info. I checked each of those download links in VirusTotal, and have added a whitelist entry which should cover all of them. Please give it an hour or so to propagate out, and let us know after that if you encounter any further problems.
  10. Please tell me exactly how you got to the place that is denying you access. I need to be able to duplicate the steps in order to provide an answer/fix for you. Thanks.
  11. It is being blocked because the type of link is a common delivery method for malware. I have added a whitelist entry for the site to see if this specific piece of the site is affected by whitelisting. https://www.bulkrenameutility.co.uk/Downloads/BRU_setup.exe Pages that are EXE download points will often come up as a block. Give it an hour or so, and let us know if we have not cleared the problem.
  12. Actually, it didn't block you AGAIN. You asked to be permitted to go to www.s3.tgrmn.com, and it let you do that. But because the website is configured strangely, you were sent to s3.tgrmn.com. The first one is IP, and the second one is It is a uniquely different destination, and you were blocked at that destination as well. Also, the whitelist entry had not propagated out by the time you tried. You would get different results now, though they wouldn't be any more satisfying than the last time around.
  13. Under normal circumstances, you would enter a webpage URL and go there. If you hit a page blocked by Browser Guard, you would get our block page which contains a link that says "I want to continue to this site anyway" (right next to the GO BACK button). Clicking that allows you to follow that link ONCE. If you check the "Do not block..." checkbox before clicking the "continue" link, you would not be blocked in the future. You likely did not check that checkbox. Here, the link that gets blocked is an unusual one (www.s3.tgrmn.com). You would not usually have a "www" preceding a su
  14. If you get that "continue..." choice, that is part of the block page. You should not even see that. I verified it is still blocked, which means that the whitelist has not propagated out yet. It usually takes as much as an hour, though it could be shorter. Give it a few minutes (and maybe a few more).
  15. Looks fine on VirusTotal. Whitelist entry added.
  16. Will be adding whitelist entry in just a moment.
  17. Whitelist entries added for: themel.club aihao.cc cdn.aihao.cc
  18. Glad we got that one handled. Sorry for all the roadblocks involved.
  19. Are you getting a block from Browser Guard? I just went to cdn.aihao.cc with no Browser Guard pages, though the page is in Japanese or Chinese (sorry, do not know which specifically). If you get a block page, please post it.
  20. Very good suggestion. When I'm trying to fix/isolate a problem, specifics are the only thing with value. Reading between the lines leads to bad assumptions and poor results.
  21. I don't mean to sound harsh. I apologize if you took it that way. We have been having discussions about this. Based on this, I just added a whitelist entry for wpmovies.96.lt. There are other subdomains on 96.lt that have malware on them, but this specific one appears OK. It may take up to an hour for the block to be removed. Give it a few minutes and try it again. Please let us know if it is accessible then. With regard to the screenshot you sent, that is a classic tech support scam. No ad provider would supply that. If you search for "tech support scam" on the forums, you will
  22. I honestly don't know if any of their results are historical or delayed (as compared to real-time testing), so I don't have a good answer for you. I think it would be best to get to a known, stable place before making any further changes though. If you see good results across the board, that is the time to start tinkering. Otherwise, it might be a game of catch-up.
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