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  1. The site has been whitelisted. Please allow 15-30 minutes for changes to take effect.

    Reputation is basically looking at the traffic volume going to a website.  Low volume ends up equating to a reputation block.  Sites associated with malware will always have low volume, but few sites with reputation blocks are associated with malware...hence the false positives.

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  2. Any block encountered by Malwarebytes Premium will also be shown by Browser Guard.  Once the Premium block clears, the Browser Guard block will go away in most cases.  If there is a Browser Guard block following removal of a Premium block, it would be for another reason.

    I see that the trojan block on email10k.com was cleared 11 hours ago, but a block on c.email10k.com was still in force at that time.  That second block was cleared 5 hours ago.  I am seeing the block via Browser Guard now, which implies that the database update that would clear the second block has not went out yet.  Not the desired answer (so far), but an accurate one.

  3. It is actually a very small percentage, although it is not easy to tell that without seeing the number of "real" malicious/suspicious sites that are blocked.  It is being magnified by a much larger number of users recently, and that may lead to a change in methods.  I don't know that for certain, but the possibility exists.

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