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  1. I have whitelisted the site.  Please allow 15-30 minutes for changes to take effect.

    Its not the cost (or lack of) that results in blanket blocks, its the degree to which many TLDs are used maliciously.  A good "bad actor" (yes, I'm pointing out the silliness of that because there aren't any good actors) could pay thousands of dollars for a domain and make it all back in one day.  While we (and many other vendors) jump through hoops to make your internet use as safe as possible, its never enough.  We do actively whitelist sites, but we first take a cautious approach - again for the safety of you and others.

  2. The block you were getting (on the subdomain) was from our premium product (not Browser Guard).  I verified that and referred it to our researchers.  The block has been removed, and will disappear upon their next database update.  That should happen within the next few hours.

  3. OK. I feel stupid now. I need you to send Browser Guard debug logs.  Open Browser Guard, click the "three vertical dots" icon in the upper right corner, select Support, and then click Download Debug Logs."  The logs will download to a "jsonl" file in your Downloads directory.  If there is nothing personal/embarrassing in there, post back with that file as an attachment.  You can also send it to me in  a private message if there's anything private in there...your choice.

    Sorry this is taking so long.

    HINT: You can make a much smaller (and non-personal) file by opening a fresh browser window before you do what I said above.  The log should only contain information from that browser session.

  4. Sorry, I had asked for someone to look at this and got no response.  I have whitelisted the most recently added partial URL, but that may also add vulnerability.  If I added that one attachment, any other attachment that is blocked would need its own whitelist entry.  I have added an entry for OWA coming from that email server.  Please allow 15-30 minutes, then let me know if I succeeded or need to try something else.

  5. I have been asked to have you provide more information for this request.  Outlook does not allow EXE attachments unless they are packaged, so we need to get a better understanding of the issue.  Did you receive a notification that you could provide in a screenshot?  That would help as well.

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