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  1. Its getting hits from several major AVs on VirusTotal as MALWARE/MALICIOUS. Would not consider it an FP.
  2. That is if you are still having issues. Sorry, not feeling well today so I didn't read the whole thread (he said sheepishly).
  3. Thank you @Porthos. This is for the original poster: Browser Guard is overly careful when it comes to what can and cannot be downloaded. If you can provide the URL for the website and hopefully for the download link in question, I can verify safety and add a whitelist entry. If you do not want your company name to appear in the forums, you can always send me a private message with the required information. I'll leave this thread here for a while.
  4. Just took care of this one. Sorry for the delay. Should be good now (or within 10 minutes).
  5. gonzo

    Website: TLD block

    Adding whitelist now. Sorry for delay. Under the weather today.
  6. All of these blocks were Malwarebytes + Malwarebytes Browser Guard. I asked our researchers to check them out, and all are being unblocked. Give it a few hours for their next update, and all should be accessible.
  7. Both URL's have been blocked by Malwarebytes Premium as well. Trojan activity.
  8. I have tried and succeeded to download from several links on this site. If you are still experiencing an issue here, please let me know with a specific link that's failing. I haven't found any that do yet.
  9. Please excuse the delay in getting this handled. I just added the whitelist entry for the requested site as well as the others which you mentioned.
  10. We show extreme caution on the non-standard TLDs. info/cc/xyz, etc. They get misused way too often.
  11. Whitelisted theoldschool.info. Did not follow up yesterday because you said you could reach the site using the domain name. Today it was blocked. Should be accessible within the hour.
  12. gonzo


    Its accessible now.
  13. gonzo


    Answered your original thread...whitelisted now.
  14. gonzo


    Site has been whitelisted. Please give it a few minutes to propagate the changes out to the world.
  15. gonzo


    Its not blocked.
  16. Whitelisted. Please give it a few minutes.
  17. Site has been whitelisted.
  18. I unblocked the cloudfront.net address, and just verified on two computers that the download works.
  19. gonzo

    Can't Download File

    Adding whitelist entry now...
  20. Whitelist entries being added now...
  21. Try it now. I ran it through VirusTotal, verified where the block is, and added a whitelist entry. It will take a few minutes, but after that, try again and let us know if you still encounter any issues.
  22. gonzo

    False positive?

    The original site specified has been whitelisted. Sorry for the delay.
  23. I just verified that site is accessible. I used the URL you mentioned initially, and it took me to https://www.peoplesrepublicofcork.com/index.php
  24. Researchers not finding issues with the site, so I have added a whitelist entry.
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