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  1. User input before Quarantine

    That is one heck of a good idea, beings as this Beta is throwing so many false positives. It should at least be an option in "Settings" of some sort. I can understand, with the devastating effect of Ransomware, why someone might not want to delay blocking it -- but for the purposes of this Beta it is essential. MBAR is just blocking AND quarantining too many legitimate programs. Clearing a false positive requires a reboot and at least on my system that's a serious issue. I know we're testing a beta and should not be using it on a "live" system in a production environment, but without real-world use the Beta will never get enough testing to move on to a stable release. If MBAM/MBAR wants a good Beta test they need to allow us to clear false positives BEFORE a reboot and before a quarantine action occurs.
  2. False Positive Emby (Media Browser Server)

    Here's the files you asked for, plus a screen shot of what I've had to exclude so far.logs.zipMalwarebytes
  3. False Positive Emby (Media Browser Server)

    That issue was prior to the release of When the previous version expired I updated to but I'm still getting false positives on Media Browser (EMBY) files with the newer version.
  4. False Positive Emby (Media Browser Server)

    Since filing the above false positive MBAM AR has also quarantined and broken TWO MORE MEDIA PROGRAMS. It doesn't seem to like media programs for some reason. Those two were the installation file for Kodi (XBMC) and ServerWMC which is a PVR back end. Being as it's been days since I reported the first false positive and no one appears to have replied to this issue so far, I can't be bothered to upload files for people who can't be bothered to check their forums for Beta issue reports. I've disabled MBAM AR on the test system. It's too unreliable to use in its current release.
  5. MBAM Anti-Ransomware false positive report. The beta broke my Media server program, which is called "Emby", presumably an alliteration of "MB" for Media Browser. Attached are the files you asked for when reporting a false positive. I have used this MediaBrowser.ServerApplication.exe or it's predecessors for many years. While it is possible the servers that the program comes from are compromised with ransomware, I do not think it's likely. So please check this out and advise. Thanks Malwarebytes