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  1. First to say thank you in advance both of you and sorry it took so long to respond but I had a lot of work. Thank you Dashke but i decided to take AdvancedSetup's path. I must say that i did a scan on ESET also and did find some more threats which were resolved and computer is looking much better but not as it was. I downloaded DDS and created those two files. I attach them on the message and will be waiting for response. Maybe i will not be fast on the time i will take to follow your instructions so please be patient. attach.txt dds.txt
  2. I have a DELL INSPIRON running on Windows 7. My problem is this. Lately (meaning the last 7 days) my computer started running slow on internet and offline. After i got rid most of my files (copied them to an external drive) and did a full system scan with NORTON, still is slow. NORTON found 4 viruses (2 heuristics, 1 simple and a yontoo) and succesfully removed them. Is there something else I can do before having to do a FORMAT?
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