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  1. Much Appreciated !! 2 Folders removed. All is working well with iTunes.
  2. So can we remove the 2 folders from the allow list that were related to the itunes issue? Program files and program files (x86) /common files /apple. Pls confirm.
  3. I am not sure as they said they would post it when we could take off the exclusions.
  4. I had the same issue on a Windows 7 pc. Added the 2 Apple folders and all worked well. Once the update fixes it . Should a person remove those 2 folders from the allow list. Or will the update do that? Probably not??
  5. I was having trouble getting my iphone and ipad to sync as it kept saying I was loosing connection then unable to find back up. I googled the problem and it said to check my windows security settings. It said sometime an anti virus will stop the syncing. Well it sure did. I turned off Malware bytes and itunes came right back and I saw my devices and last back ups. So something in Malware bytes 4.0.4 is not working with itunes. I have been using iTunes for years and years and no problem until today with malwarebytes. So I hope it gets to the people that read this and pass it on to fix this. I tried everything else and once I turned it off it all worked fine.
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