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  1. OK. I have seen it in Background but this is new to me. As I have been in and out of task manager a bit lately and never saw it in apps before. But in background I have. But if this is how it is supposed to be now. I guess I wont be putting my pc into sleep mode anymore. It just seems strange to be running in apps instead of background, Looking at your screenshot of your task manager you have items in the same category that are running in background on mine. Thanks!
  2. Yes but hasn't it run in the task manager in Background Processes. . It is running in Apps now. I have never seen that before. Looking at your screen shot it looks like it is in background. Here is my screen shot
  3. mbst-clean-results.txt Hi Thanks for reply. Why has it never been there until yesterday. It used to run in the background. I have always been running latest version for years and never seen it in task manager like that. So I was curious. As my pc wont go to sleep like it used to. I ran clean as well. But it is still there. When I google it there are all different reasons it is there but most talk about getting rid of it. Anyway if you could elaborate please.
  4. mbst-grab-results.zip Here is the zip file you requested. Pls advise next step.
  5. HI, Yesterday this application started running in my task manager . It constantly runs. I updated to version 4.2 but it is still there. It happened after I removed skype from start up, I believe. I am running Windows 10. Nothing seems to stop this running all the time. My license is a never expiry. I have never seen malwarebytes tray application in the task manager like this before . It has always run in the background. I noticed this when I tried to hit sleep on my keyboard and the pc would not go into sleep mode. Can you help?
  6. Much Appreciated !! 2 Folders removed. All is working well with iTunes.
  7. So can we remove the 2 folders from the allow list that were related to the itunes issue? Program files and program files (x86) /common files /apple. Pls confirm.
  8. I am not sure as they said they would post it when we could take off the exclusions.
  9. I had the same issue on a Windows 7 pc. Added the 2 Apple folders and all worked well. Once the update fixes it . Should a person remove those 2 folders from the allow list. Or will the update do that? Probably not??
  10. I was having trouble getting my iphone and ipad to sync as it kept saying I was loosing connection then unable to find back up. I googled the problem and it said to check my windows security settings. It said sometime an anti virus will stop the syncing. Well it sure did. I turned off Malware bytes and itunes came right back and I saw my devices and last back ups. So something in Malware bytes 4.0.4 is not working with itunes. I have been using iTunes for years and years and no problem until today with malwarebytes. So I hope it gets to the people that read this and pass it on to fix this
  11. I saw that rootkit was not checked so I searched it and found that you should create a weekly rootkit scan. Which I did. I checked the next day to see if the scan ran and noticed that there was another scan created on its own. One that ran upon reboot and when I checked the options for it, it had everything checked. Like the quarantine, rootkit scan and the other 2 below that as well I believe. So was curious about that. I tried searching and read that malwarebytes will automatically set up a scan if nothing is set up. Well I have had the same scan set up thru many updates and it was the
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