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  1. Can this threat be mitigated simply by turning off remote desktop ?
  2. Agreed, a different discussion for another time. With regards to my original issue: yes that has been resolved and I am happy that my router / wireless is secure enough. Thanks again to everyone for their input.
  3. I bow down before the great and mighty Google, my corporate overlords
  4. True. But I think the risks are acceptable if you have your network properly secured. Plus it makes sense for someone like me to use Google cloud print to print Google docs from a Google Chromebook (after all the docs are already "in the cloud"). Wow! Listen to me now! This is coming from someone who little over a year ago was adamant that I wouldn't allow myself to become a 'slave to Google' Now I am a complete chromebook convert. I just love the ease and simplicity of it all. All that said though, for more sensitive documents (financial stuff and so on) I use a Windows laptop with an old
  5. So in other words if I were in range of any 'aspirational' hackers in my local neighbourhood they wouldn't stand much of a chance against a 63 character password with WPA2-PSK [AES] encryption. And trying to crack my network would be more trouble than it's worth to any cyber criminals out there trying to break into someone's wireless network. My router does have an even stronger WPA/WPA2 enterprise level encryption available but I read that this limits wireless speeds to 54 MB. That wouldn't be much good for me on a 154 MB connection.
  6. Yeah I wasn't exactly the most popular member of the family when I handed out the new passphrase, especially when my nephew came to visit at the weekend. Took him about 15 mins to enter it on his ipad. But I figured if I was going to do this I may as well go all the way with it !! As for the characters I used 15 of each group (to make 60) plus threw in three extra special ones, then made sure they were completely randomised. I figured hiding the SSID might just be over doing it a little. I've always kept it as it's default which is the ISP's name followed by seven random numbers. So
  7. Thanks very much for the information David. I knew I was missing something. I had completely forgotten about the online config utility for Epson cloud print. The advanced settings allowed me to enter my new complex password which that little lcd screen wouldn't allow, so I can use Google cloud print and get my google docs printed off without any bother now. Now that has been cleared up could I please ask you if you think the following is a sufficiently secure set-up for an 'average home user' like myself... * Router has strong complex password. * Passphrase is strongest possible (complex
  8. Hi. Just looking for a small bit of advice regarding my wi-fi network security. We all know by now how insecure it is to use WPS and by default it is turned off on my router. Recently I decided to strengthen the security of my wi-fi by changing my password from the routers default (which was a very weak 8 characters, only numbers and lower case letters) to a more robust 63 character one - a random string of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. That's good right ! All went well updating my devices until it came to my printer - an Epson XP-322. To my horror I f
  9. Sounds like corporate BS to me ! What made me laugh though was this HP guy ends his post with "...I continue to be extremely proud of the company I work for and was particularly proud of our response to this customer’s feedback..." and he links to a video which does not exist... much like satisfied HP customers
  10. I like this guy. Much easier than trying to get through to HP customer support !!
  11. Not sure if this should be in tailwaggers and jokes section because I actually feel for this guy... A man in Colorado Springs became so enraged with his malfunctioning computer that he took it outside and shot it eight times !!! Courtesy of BBC News... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-32407688 According to the BBC "computer rage" incidents are on the increase. ...reminds me of the time when I was in college some 15 years ago. I got so enraged with my laptop I threw it down the stairs and then smashed it up with a hammer (my essay did not get held in on time that week). Anyon
  12. Speaking of British crime dramas try these... Ripper Street 1889. It's been six months since the last Jack the Ripper killing and East London is emerging into a fragile peace, hopeful that this killer's reign of terror might at last have run its course. Nowhere is this truer than in the corridors of H Division, the police precinct charged with keeping order in the chaos of Whitechapel. Stars Jerome Flynn (from Game Of Thrones). Peaky Blinders (a gangster show set in Birmingham during the aftermath of WW1) starring Cillian Murphy and Sam Neill, and The Fall starring Gillian Anderson (from
  13. Thanks again daledoc, I think I will follow your advice about not installing optionals in future. As for this diagnostics tracking, well I now have it disabled through msconfig > services so it's not causing me any further problems. I'm a bit worried about uninstalling it because I've learned from past experience that uninstalling updates / services can end up having unforeseen consequences and making things worse. So I don't think I'll tempt fate any further
  14. UPDATE Here it is... KB3022345 https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/kb/3022345
  15. Hi daledoc1, Unfortunately I can't identify the exact KB that started this whole diagnostics tracking problem, but this is what people are saying about it... http://thepcwhisperer.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/microsofts-windows-10-preview-has-built.html ... the more suspicious minded amongst them are referring to it as a built-in keylogger in Windows 10 and I'm sure I read somewhere else that one of the recent updates has activated this feature in previous versions of Windows (I'm using 8.1). Certainly this service started crashing on my machine after installing all of Tuesdays updates (includin
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