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  1. Can this threat be mitigated simply by turning off remote desktop ?
  2. Speaking of British crime dramas try these... Ripper Street 1889. It's been six months since the last Jack the Ripper killing and East London is emerging into a fragile peace, hopeful that this killer's reign of terror might at last have run its course. Nowhere is this truer than in the corridors of H Division, the police precinct charged with keeping order in the chaos of Whitechapel. Stars Jerome Flynn (from Game Of Thrones). Peaky Blinders (a gangster show set in Birmingham during the aftermath of WW1) starring Cillian Murphy and Sam Neill, and The Fall starring Gillian Anderson (from
  3. With all due respect I do not believe this has been blown out of proportion. A fair number of your customers have expressed a strong desire for a point-of-sale opt-out from the auto-renewal subscription - not just for MBAE but for the purchase of MBAM Premium as well. It is an underhand marketing tactic to force everyone into auto-renewal at point-of-sale. Simply add a checkbox at the checkout which people can 'untick' if they do not want it to auto-renew - I'm quite sure it is within the ability of cleverbridge to do so. They handle sales on your behalf - you are the client. If they value
  4. What about a point of sale opt-out then ? Malwarebytes must have some say / control over how their own product is sold. You are the ones who decided to use cleverbridge to handle online sales on your behalf. Perhaps you need a new provider then if they cannot provide the flexibility your customers require.
  5. I think the main problem here is a lack of an opt-out at point of sale. Many customers don't want to be auto-enrolled into a recurring subscription. Giving us a choice to opt-out at POS would be the best thing to do. As you pointed out you can "cancel the subscription at any time" but cleverbridge are not always the easiest people to deal with. As 'tds' pointed out he had to phone them up to cancel which is a bit of a pain.
  6. Yep. Me too. Not having an easy option to cancel / opt-out of auto renewal is completely unacceptable and bad business practice.
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