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  1. OK- I reset the environment variable as requested and it still will not install. Attached is the latest file so let me know what the issue is. I cannot update MWB and this is a real problem. Thanks steve mbst-grab-results.zip
  2. OK- I set UAC on and it made no difference Thanks for the idea and do i need to reboot for this to take effect? steve
  3. Even if i try run as administrator it does not install with same error message.
  4. And Just FYI, MWB current installation works fine. It is only the install of the new version that is the issue. I am a Premium subscriber. Steve Rose=
  5. How can I get MWB to install? I have tried all the "fixes" on the web- environment variables, etc and no go. Where is MWB trying to get to that it can't? Thanks steve
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