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  1. However, since I have a large number of PCs to add Antiransomware to I don't want to uninstall and reinstall.
  2. I rebooted the PC and anti-exploit was able to start-up without the licensing warning, but I noticed that MBAM was missing. I attempted to install antimalware from the control console and the installation failed. I then uninstalled from the control console, rebooted and was able to successfully install from the console after the reboot.
  3. I created a fresh installation package with everything selected and tried a manual install. The first window to pop up was this one: I chose the "Remove" option. After the Managed Client was removed I ran the install again and it said it completed successfully. But then I got this message
  4. I picked a machine out of the group and tried the full install as you suggested. The outcome was the same. I have access to this machine so I checked out the Windows event logs and there is nothing there that I can see that would give a clue as to why this is failing.
  5. The install was tried on 43 machines and none of them have Antiransomware to uninstall.
  6. Just to make sure I understand. Do you want me to uninstall and redeploy to a machine it is already successfully installed on? And, all three pieces or just antiransomware?
  7. The icon is showing for machines on which I installed Antiransomware when previously testing the program - these machines had it pushed from the management console when MBAM and MBAE were installed. We have no problem installing antiransomware remotely as long as it is with the initial push of malwarebytes antimalware and exploit prevention - just when we try to push it by itself
  8. None that I can see. From the console it looks like the install is successful but it does is and the MEEClient Service stops.
  9. I am trying to deploy Malwarebytes AntiRansomware via the management console. We are running MWB Endpoint Security console and managed client version is The client machines already have business anti malware ( and anti exploit ( running on them. When I try to add antiransomware remotely from the console the install fails and it stops the MEE service.
  10. @N33dful We are no longer receiving the alerts. Thanks for your help!
  11. from what I can see. The machine throwing the most alerts had disappeared from the console. It was there this morning but I cannot find it now - I have asked the local support tech to see if it could be rebooted.
  12. It is much better today. We still have a few machines that are throwing alerts I have uploaded the files for two of them Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit_MachineA.zipMalwarebytes Anti-Exploit_MachineB.zip
  13. Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.zip These are the Antiexploit files from one machine I have a lot more machines to choose from if you need them. I have no idea what triggers it since the users do not see alerts and are not reporting any issues.
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