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  1. I have still not finished scanning. It has now been over an hour. I am NOT happy. I am running a regular, standard scan, the one that used to take 14 minutes.
  2. Ever since the last update, Malwarebytes has been not just slow but painfully slow. I downloaded the latest version but it is equally slow. I have been a Malwarebytes fan for years, and it has worked well. The last two "upgrades" have been terrible. I just downloaded the last one hoping I'd have the patience to wait for a full scan, which used to take 14 minutes. It has now been 40 minutes. It is crawling along and nowhere near the end. I just renewed my subscription but there's no way I can put up with this misery for another 328 days. The first hang up seems to be on scanning the memory. From there on, it is slow beyond all belief. This has never happened before in all the time I have used this program. How about ditching these last two upgrades, Malwarebytes, and going back two versions to the one that worked faster?
  3. Used the computer today for the first time since the 8th. Scanned on the 8th and all was fine. Database was updated today at 5:22. Scanned at 6:12 and every single users roaming data showed Intel Turbo Boost Technology Monitor 2.0.lnk having "malware.trace". I right clicked on this file which is a shortcut to the program and selected "scan with malwarebytes". It came out clean. Went to the containing folder and scanned the target file. It also came out clean. Attaching the events from update to the present. scan log at 6.txt scan at 612.txtscan of shortcut only.txtscan of shortcut only.txtscan of target file only.txtmalwarebytesmaydatabaseupdate.txtscan log at 6.txtscan at 612.txt
  4. Tonight I updated the malwarebytes definitions. It scanned "clean" when i was last on the computer but this time found the above virus in documents and settings application data: SAS7_000.dat stolen.data. I deleted it but I was surprised because I scan the computer every time I get on or off. After I made this zip file I went to malwarebytes to check for updates and there was a small update that was added. That time the computer scanned "clean". I followed the directions to report a possible false positive and it is uploaded. SAS7_000.zip
  5. Maybe a falsse positive?

  6. Maybe a falsse positive?

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