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  1. Can Malwarebytes be run without being installed? I currently have another virus scanner installed on my machine and do not want to cause bluescreens or hangs.
  2. Hi, My apologies if this has been covered before, however I searched and couldn't find it discussed. I built and booted off Hirens Boot CD v15.2 in order to scan a machine I suspected of containing malware. I booted the 'Mini XP' image and then fired up networking and ran Malwarebytes. Admittedly it said it might not work properly under 'Mini XP' however it seemed to update it's definitions and run a scan just fine. It produced the following results:- Malwarebytes v1.65.1.1000 with definitions database v2013.05.08.04 reports Trojan.FakeAV for X:\I386\System32\wzcsvc.dll Malware.Packer.Gen fo
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