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  1. G'day Porthos, You said " You should NEVER have to pay for a driver for any hardware " I say, " I don't pay for the drivers or other updates, I pay for the Program TweakBit \ Driver Updater to scan and detect what Programs, Utilities and Driver installed on my system (workstation) that are out of date and need updating." I would point out that the Microsoft Update updates only Microsoft's OS's and Microsoft Application Programs (the later if selected) and other programs have updater's nowadays and some in fact have a pop-up when you use them to tell you that an update is available, which you should use to fix any bugs and have the respective program or utility perform optimally and better. That said, I would remind all that there are at least 69% of drivers that are installed on any Computer Workstation in particular to extra installed Hardware that is not automatically updated by Microsoft or other Publishers for which we then have utility Programs such as TweakBit Driver Update that wil do the job for you. - I trust that clears up what I pay for and what I don't and would agree with you that I would never pay for a driver for any hardware. What makes you think that Programs / Utilities of this type do not cross reference the need to update a driver or program with the actual Publisher of the driver or program ??? There are some honks out there, however there are also some legitimate updater type utilities and programs that do a legitimate job and in fact perform the correct update of the utility or program or driver that is out of date on your system workstation if you have installed a utility program such as TweakBit Driver Update to do the job for you. Until Malware Bytes in the post back in 2016 suggests that it is a Virus or lately lists it as a PUP, both of which are contentious to say the least, I will refrain from taking MalwareBytes detection as being a PUP and disregard the old post of 2016 suggesting it is a virus. My message to MalwareByts is, "Update, Update, Revise, Revise, all that you post or list whereas the old posts like the 2016 are out of date and are in my opinion misleading the consumer referring to old data and Publishers version of a particular anomaly in one of their old program versions. Where the old data of 2016 is still applicable to the TweakBit Driver Update, remains to be seen, as I am awaiting a reply from TweakBit in regard to this matter. Regards pcbugfixer 😈
  2. The post you refer to is dated November 4, 2016 Hardhead can you get " Metallica " to update the post in view of the legitimacy of TweakBit, and it's Driver Updater as not being a PUP. Ever since we had the PUP detectors it has caused more false positives and problems with very good Publications and its time that MalwareBytes revised their data base and contacted the Publishers for a revision and update. Regards pcbugfixer 😈
  3. TweakBit \ Driver Updater \ DriverUpdater.exe what is wrong with it ?! Why is the TweakBit \ Driver Updater \ DriverUpdater.exe still listed in the virus detection ? BitDefender Total Security, SUPERAntiSpyware Professional, and a few others DO NOT list the TweakBit \ Driver Updater \ DriverUpdater.exe ?! as a dangerous Utility or Program, yet Malwarebytees detect it as a PUP.Optional / Potentially Unwanted. I paid good money for this program/utility and before I uninstall it and ask for a refund, I want to know WHY I should do this ??!! The issues when searching on google is that most of the posts are a year or older and none have any later 30 day old updates for 2019 or 2020 ! Noticeably the instruction listed in MalwareBytes are also old (anything older than 30 days is old in my opinion). The removal instructions are dated Sep 2019, and Jan, April, May 2018. Regrettably I also note other removal instructions for the likes of WinZip, Auslogics and Driver Booster that are older than 30 days and should be updated in a review with the Publishers of the Utility Programs. (The Devil made me say that)😈 Anyhow, can you please explain why TweakBit \ Driver Updater is still listed / detected as a PUP.Optional / Potentially Unwanted and tagged for removal ? Regards, pcbugfixer😈
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