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  1. Hello, I'm partly working for a company where the contractors from all over the world are connected to a central database via a Citrix access platform. If, in my Internet Explorer 8, I define this Citrix access platform as my Start page, MBAM automatically considers that my startpage has been hijacked: Elément(s) de données du Registre détecté(s): 1 HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main|Start Page (Hijack.StartPage) -> Mauvais: (https://iscis.multis...te/default.aspx) Bon: (http://www.google.com) -> Aucune action effectuée. [93b31fcd0d5e88aeb9d96a87000341bf] As soon as I switch back to my www.google.ch startpage, there are no more treats detected. I could verify exactly the same problem with another colleague situated in another country (also using IE8). I hope this info will contribute to your excelent product, and would of course be grateful to have some feedback from you. Unfortunately there is a problem attaching my log file (size: 2 kb) to this post: MBAM-log-2013-04-27 (18-40-21).zip Upload Skipped (Error302) Can you please tell me how I can send it to you ? shall I paste it here? Thank you for this useful tool ! Inés, Switzerland.
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