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  1. oh yeah its this file _hiddenPbk\rasphone.pbk haha I forgot to add the file name opps NutLoaf
  2. Hello I found this on my pc and have no idea what it is, i've looked it up but there are to many ideas as for what it may be. It is deleted by combofix but comes strait back and even on a fresh install of the OS it is strait back. Ta very much Mbam team NutLoaf
  3. Hello exile Thanks for the light speed reply will do. Cheerz NutLoaf
  4. Hiya @ Daniel66 I haven't had a lot my self far from it I've had one spam link sent to me since I started using the internet. I have just noticed a lot of people in my area getting there emails hacked and sending out malicious e-mails that pretend to be spam advertising all so a lot more people in my area receiving them. Thankz NutLoaf
  5. Good day to you all I was wondering why every time I try to update Mbam pro it is blocked by Peerblock (I use only the spyware list in peerblock) It blocks it as from "my ip" the source to destination (limelight networks) and reports it as a fake app? Anyone got any clues for 10 points and a slice of cake cheers NutLoaf
  6. Alice russell - Lights went out. Love this tune... NutLoaf
  7. Hello Has any one noticed a huge rise recently in spam Emails being sent from hacked accounts with links to malicious sites? Nutloaf
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