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  1. Hello, recently came across a Website with a popup telling me my Computer is infected with a Virus, hence I should click on an Icon in order to remove this Virus. I, off course, did not so, but closed that page. However shortly afterwards I noted that the Malicious Website protection was disabled. Is it possible that somebody trying to intrude the System, can tamper with Malware Bytes? Thank you and best regards!
  2. Hello, have loaded down an update concerning the tool "Garmin express" being used to install new maps for the Garmin car navigation sets. A scan prior to the download resulted into 0 infected items. After the download, Malwarebytes noted 21 pup optionals of various kinds. Maybe these "pups" are essential for installing the maps correctly, hence should not be removed. What do you say? Best regards! Peter
  3. Hello Forum, during the scan on Apr.23rd., Malwarebytes reported: "C:\Windows\Installer\20f3c.msi (Trojan.Agent.ED)". The file is now under quarantine and Computer working ok. Can I assume this being a FP too? Best regards Peter67
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