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  1. My SFC scan results..Then I get stuck in the start normal or start up repair which does nothing...
  2. Yes I have both... Send it along .... Please..
  3. I got to the command prompt again no problem with my SP1 Win7 Pro Disk.. See attached after I had run the DIR commands
  4. Yes I have done that several times and it puts me in a loop of either start normally or do another repair neither of which work.... I never said I have Vista I have installed Win7Pro 64bit
  5. Yes please explain or give me another example.. I cannot work on this at the moment but will get back to it asap since I've been down for over a week now... I've forgotten to copy out of the command prompt onto the notepad? I haven't worked in the command prompt for a long long time so I've forgotten a lot but it will come back to me. When you say the Recovery Enivironment, do you mean the main hd or... I'll try to attach a pic... This is the last screen just before I was about to install Win7 Pro 64bit in a parallel way on the only drive it would let me do it on. Not sure if this was going to work in an effort to save my files...
  6. I had tried that and it would not fix. don't recall everything but I got stuck in a loop of try to repair or start normally neither of which worked...
  7. All I have is SP1 win 7 pro 64bit sytem disc.
  8. I did but she does not give me ay clear answers. Frustrated beyond my patience limit soon.
  9. Yes I have been contacted by 2 different people now. My current help is Nan. I was going to do a parallel install thinking I would be able to save my files. So far no luck with either version of the runsystemrestore.bat. Can't boot to safe mode to get the fix run tool. Frustrated and getting ready just reformat my HD or try the parallel install which was told to me to be the only nondestructive way to get to my files. Am I wrong aabout that? Thanks
  10. Still not able to pull up the MBAM fix tool as I cannot boot to Safe Mode still. Have done the newest Runrecoveryconsole.bat but that's as far as I can get. Am resigning myself to the fact that I will end up losing all my files, pics. emails etc. Bummed out big time. I am now about to reinstall Win7 Pro 64 bit but I am stuck at this screen. hmm now I cannot insert here.. anyways... I can either boot to my main drive or format my recovery partition to boot to. Any suggestions as I am trying to not lose all my files... This really sucks... Been working on this for a week now... Also says I cannot boot to my OEM Partitions as it is reserved... Any help out there for this ? Thanks in advance....
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