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  1. Thanks, I appear to have fixed it using a system restore.
  2. Sorry to spam, but I can't find an edit button on my OP. I just wanted to mention I have a system restore point from 2 days ago that I can do but I don't know if that's a good idea or not, thoughts?
  3. So I went to visit my Father who lives 2 hours away from me last night and he was complaining about some annoying virus he had, naturally I downloaded Malwarebytes for him and left it running on a "full scan". I didn't have time to wait for the scan to complete so I ended up driving home half way through the scan. I got a call later that night from my Father who is experiecing the black screen on boot issue. Today I made the two hour drive BACK to my Dads house to troubleshoot this issue after googling it from home last night. I've downloaded and ran the fix .bat file as administrator and rest
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