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  1. mbamlog.txt MyPhoneExplorer_Setup_1.8.14.rar
  2. Latest version of MBam incorrectly identifies the setup executive of MyPhoneExplorer from fj-soft as a malware.generic.
  3. I'm sorry for butting in on a thread not my own but... I have receipts from Malwarebytes own web store that are for lifetime licences that do NOT say anything about single installation. Your claim that such a statement exist on all purchases is provably false.
  4. You've picked a perfect time to cause as much mayhem for your customers as possible. Introducing new licensing procedures in the middle of summer holidays and WITHOUT prior warning! I have a client that suddenly finds that he only has two days left of his protection. This on a computer that has been using the same lifetime license since 2010. That license have never been installed on any other machine, I know since I did the installation myself. The license was bought directly from Malwarebytes. Your license portal did not exist in 2010 and the email used during purchase no longer exist. I myself are a 1000km away from the machine in question and on holiday. The license holder is an 86 year old gentleman. Thanks a bundle for your summer present! A support request have been filed. The ticket number is 2663978. Can someone please make sure that this is resolved BEFORE the protection ends in TWO DAYS TIME?
  5. So have I, multiple times over multiple years. So far no one has listened.
  6. @Durew 1. I also have about a hundred or so clients yelling at me to get their computers back up and quite frankly this isn't the reason I'm in this job - to clean up after someone else's mess. 2. Why not? They seem to have forgotten all about the lofty promises they made that this wouldn't happen again. 3. The promise was to test their updates before pushing them to customers. Don't try to muddle the waters like a politician, I hate politicians and it will only make me hate you as well. 4. Today's version has less control than version 1.75. No it wasn't that version that bricked Windows it was a bad definition update. 5. That feature request have been made hundreds of times during the last few years to no avail. Staff is only interested in cosmetics not function. 6. Every time anyone with a lifetime licence loses their machine due to a sudden failure (MB, HDD, RAM) and require a reinstall from scratch the licence servers will deny their key telling them that it "has exceeded the number of installs allowed". It invariably means three weeks back and forth with support with them forgetting to act about a dozen times for every email you send them. 7. I'd be very happy to tell the powers to be how to make a good product if they pay me a good salary. They had a good product that they trashed by being more concerned by looks instead of function. 8. There is far less control in this version than there should be, and indeed is in many competitors. I have AV-suites that have been able to export settings for more than 30 years now! It's not censoreding rocket science. It's basic common sense.
  7. After spending the entire afternoon and evening fixing computers all over town yesterday I now see that MBAM staff are telling us how they are making sure that this will never happen again. The only problem with that is that is exactly the same as they said the last time it happened. It's only a couple of years ago that MBAM pushed another corrupt definition update. That time MBAM started to detect Windows system files as malicious and quarantined them causing thousands of machines to be bricked and having to have their backups restored. The response from ´staff after that incident was that they were going to put in place testing procedures to stop anything like that ever happening again. We now see how much those promises were worth. This used to be a good product that did what it was supposed to do, quietly and unobtrusively. It has now turned into a monster that needs constant babysitting. The best version was the 1.75. It had no smileys, in any colour, and didn't try to hide all the "difficult" settings to please the eyes of those customers that don't like complexity. It was a good security product that did its job and provided the admin with the granular tools needed to set it up to work in the way he wanted. Today's product won't even let you export a config file so that exclusions can be set identical on several machines, it won't let you turn off some notifications but not others, it won't let you handle your licences yourself but requires you to contact support and wait for weeks every time a machine is lost due to crash, and a bunch of other things that I can't be bothered to type but still nags me. This product needs a reboot in order to get back to basics. Computer security is not about colourful user interfaces, it's about control!
  8. Neither have I but since there is no export function the only way to save the information is to type it out. I have to type it out in order to save it (on paper and in a text file) in case MBAM crashes. How would I otherwise know what to browse for when re-entering the exclusions. The ability to export settings is something that loads of software have had for many decades. It's not like it's something out of the blue, is it? I have many machines (of my own) and they all have exclusions and they're not the same. Many of the machines have up to fifty exclusions and I'm getting sick of having to uninstall and reinstall this software whenever it decides to stop working for no reason. I've had to do re-installs dozens of times since version three was released. Only last night the exploit protection stopped working on one of my laptops and I had to reinstall. I've sold hundreds of licenses to clients over the years but I've now stopped recommending this product due to the instability it encounters. I'm sick of having to respond to clients calling me telling me that their MBAM doesn't work.
  9. both the update and the reinstall on top failed and the MB-clean removed everything including license information (yes I was running the latest version). I can accept the reinstall but all the hours having to type out the exclusions and manually enter them again I could do without.
  10. Just had a horrible update experience where MBAM failed to update to version 3.2 and then failed to reinstall and only worked after running MBClean. I then, of course, got the "licence has been exceeded" message and had to wait for three days before support fixed it. I also have to manually try to find every single exclusion I had entered and manually enter it again. Why on earth isn't there a proper backup function of the settings+exclusions that we can run so that we can import them back into every new install we have to to every other week due to all the crashes? It's not like other programs don't have such functions...
  11. Sandboxing is a security setting in the java control applet. I'll try to look into the logs during the weekend. If you are testing with MSM on your side be aware that the exploit block goes on both during server discovery and also whenever the application tries to send an alarm via popup.
  12. I've just installed MSM on a Virtual Machine running Win10 (with NO Java installed on the machine) and there I get no exploit warning and no conflict (regardless of MBAM settings). I guess this makes sense with no java on the machine. The machine having problems is a Win7 x64 with loads of Java installed (runtime 1.8.0-131). Will using sandbox setting in Java make any difference?
  13. It is unchecked and it remains unchecked after reboots. Yes I get a pop-up about a blocked exploit. I'm unable to divulge in-depth data about this machine to third parties so I cannot send you any logs without first having them vetted. Can you inform me of what format and information those logs you ask for contains? Will the stand-alone Anti-Exploit run alongside MBAM v.3 (with exploit protection disabled)? If so do you have a download link for it?
  14. As of today the problem is back! Even with the "Java malicious inbound shell protection" box unticked Mbam will block MSM from finding any server (local or LAN). The unticking of the java protection ONLY works until the next reboot. After a reboot MBAM will yet again block MSM. The ONLY thing I can get to work is to disable the entire exploit protection and then do a reboot. This is not an acceptable workaround!
  15. Thanks! I don't mind the technical bits, it's in my line of work :-)
  16. I have six different NICs installed and am connected to three different networks simultaneously with Network Manager doing the load balancing and running on Win7. With MBAM 3 running Network Manager constantly refreshes and will occasionally freeze. This did not happen with version 2 + AE and does not happen if I close MBAM.
  17. No this is a consumer license. Malwarebytes didn't have any business software back when I bought this license. I do government work on a consultancy basis on the machine i question and that is the reason that I cannot release any information either privately or publicly. The problem in question is an incompatibility between two pieces of software and since Network Manager is freeware there is nothing stopping MalwareBytes personnel from doing the work needed. There is no reason to involve me.
  18. Thank you for that information. Is there any detailed information available about what the different modules and settings actually do (and what they affect)? Any product comparison with your business tools would also be welcomed. It's very easy to find "marketing blurb" but very hard to find real information.
  19. I'm sorry but I'm unable to send you any logs. The machine running Network Manager is covered by NDA's and regulations. I guess I could install the software on a different machine but that would involve work on my part that I'm currently not willing to undertake. This is a problem between YOUR product and Sortbyte. If you wan't outside help in diagnosing and fault seeking then you need to offer a fee for that work. There is nothing stopping YOUR staff from doing this work themselves.
  20. What effect will this have on protection? I'd rather not have to turn off protections bit by bit in order to use my machine. I've already had to turn off "self protection" because my machine becomes unstable with it running.
  21. Malwarebytes v.3 interferes with the performance of Network Manager by causing unexpected refreshes and freezes. This behaviour is slighty improved by turning off "self protection" but it doesn't go away completely. http://www.sortbyte.com/software-programs/networking/network-manager sortbyte.com/software-programs/networking/network-manager Network Manager can be downloaded from the link above. Please fix this.
  22. Malwarebytes v3 blocks the managing software for all Megaraid cards. This is a new behaviour that did not appear with the Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit standalone. Here is the report: Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Protection Event Date: 7/10/17 Protection Event Time: 3:38 PM Log File: Administrator: Yes -Software Information- Version: Components Version: 1.0.160 Update Package Version: 1.0.2332 License: Premium -System Information- OS: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 CPU: x64 File System: NTFS User: System -Exploit Details- File: 0 (No malicious items detected) Exploit: 1 Malware.Exploit.Agent.Generic, , Blocked, [0], [392684],0.0.0 -Exploit Data- Affected Application: Java Protection Layer: Application Behavior Protection Protection Technique: Java malicious inbound socket detected File Name: URL: (end) It is NOT possible to create an exception for this by using "except previously blocked". The only current workaround I can find is to reboot the machine and turn off MBam protection before attempting to start MSM. This is not acceptable. A Security software that makes your machine unusable is NOT on. This is NOT a server. This is my workstation and it runs 12 disks in three separate raids. This is also the machine that I use to manage the raid-controllers that I have in my six servers. Currently your software is preventing me from doing so. Can you please fix this pronto? The latest version of MSM can be downloaded from this site; https://www.broadcom.com/support/download-search/?pg=Storage+Adapters,+Controllers,+and+ICs&pf=RAID+Controller+Cards&pn=MegaRAID+SAS+9270-8i&po=&pa=Management+Software+and+Tools&dk= Please fix this!!
  23. With all the uninstalling and reinstalling and cleaning that is required with the 3.0 versions I am wondering what the procedure to export and import exclusion lists is.
  24. I have in excess of a dozen legal lifetime licences for MBam. They were all bought when MalwareBytes were selling them for version 1.
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