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  1. mbamlog.txt MyPhoneExplorer_Setup_1.8.14.rar
  2. Latest version of MBam incorrectly identifies the setup executive of MyPhoneExplorer from fj-soft as a malware.generic.
  3. I'm sorry for butting in on a thread not my own but... I have receipts from Malwarebytes own web store that are for lifetime licences that do NOT say anything about single installation. Your claim that such a statement exist on all purchases is provably false.
  4. You've picked a perfect time to cause as much mayhem for your customers as possible. Introducing new licensing procedures in the middle of summer holidays and WITHOUT prior warning! I have a client that suddenly finds that he only has two days left of his protection. This on a computer that has been using the same lifetime license since 2010. That license have never been installed on any other machine, I know since I did the installation myself. The license was bought directly from Malwarebytes. Your license portal did not exist in 2010 and the email used during purchase no longer exist. I myself are a 1000km away from the machine in question and on holiday. The license holder is an 86 year old gentleman. Thanks a bundle for your summer present! A support request have been filed. The ticket number is 2663978. Can someone please make sure that this is resolved BEFORE the protection ends in TWO DAYS TIME?
  5. Just had a horrible update experience where MBAM failed to update to version 3.2 and then failed to reinstall and only worked after running MBClean. I then, of course, got the "licence has been exceeded" message and had to wait for three days before support fixed it. I also have to manually try to find every single exclusion I had entered and manually enter it again. Why on earth isn't there a proper backup function of the settings+exclusions that we can run so that we can import them back into every new install we have to to every other week due to all the crashes? It's not like other programs don't have such functions...
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