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  1. Thanks, Dave and exile, for your help. uninstalled and no subsequent issues. If there's a way to close this thread, I would.
  2. I have windows 10 home. version 1803 OS Build 17134.706 Am I likely to have gpedit.msc on my computer? If not, should I? I think that would mean upgrading to Windows Pro, something I've considered.
  3. When I use the windows uninstall feature, this is the message that pops up: This is the info about the program: of course I don't want to remove gpedit.msc so I click no. I'm willing to chance that this will resolve it. This doesn't show up when I run a Malwarebytes scan. Any ideas as to how I might get MWB to find it? Thanks, SallyW
  4. looked in programs and features. this is the item: it's the only program installed on that date.
  5. This is not gpedit.msc. I don't think it's a windows program.
  6. I'm a premium user on all my devices. My windows 10 is sluggish so I decided to see what I can remove. I found this program/app and have no idea what it is and why it's there. Does anyone know what it's for? Can I uninstall gpedt.msc 1.0? Thanks, Sally W.
  7. Thanks and apologies for delay. We've done as much as we can with this computer. Will get a replacement shortly. This is a 5year old lenovo all-in-one, well due for a rest. This topic can be closed Sally
  8. Thank you. I'm using Windows 10 1803 and had a significant slow down on 1 computer but that resolved itself with a reboot. The computer referenced in the FRST and mb Check runs has not resolved the issue with multiple reboots; so I await the analysis from the malware bytes team.
  9. Hi, Per directions found elsewhere, I have attached the results from running FRST64 and MB-CHECK. short background: computer slowed significantly yesterday. Unable to reach malwarebytes site so submitting to forum on different computer. Thanks for your help. Sally mb-check-results.zip Addition.txt FRST.txt
  10. Hi, I think the infection is gone. My computer is running faster and the disk space notice is not popping up. Okay to close. thx, Sally
  11. I just checked this morning's scan log. that says "rootkits disabled". Why does that happen? Thanks,
  12. Hi, I already have Malwarebytes premium (for a few years). Interesting that when the scan runs by itself the report says rootkits disabled, but rootkits enabled when I run a manual threat scan. shouldn't rootkits always be enabled? I've attached exported scan reports both before and after running adwcleaner as well as the adwcleaner reports. I ran adwcleaner twice and have attached all of the reports. I ran FRST and have attached all of the reports. thanks, SallyW mw bytes scan report 11-1-17 threat 6pm.txt mw bytes scan report 11-1-17.txt mw bytes sc
  13. I run a scan every day. According to the scan report, there are no threats (running again to be sure). However, the report says rootkits disabled. When I look at the settings, scan rootkits is on. the last few days I've seen notifications about websites blocked in outlook. some are upload.intercom-mail-200.com others are via.intercom-mail-200.com, which may or may not be related. Also, just had a low disk space (I) popup - disk I has a single folder (Recovery) with 1 subfolder (WindowsRE). no files but 40 MB used. Should I assume there's malware? If so, what's th
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