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  1. Thank you for your help. I have physically gone into the Malwarebytes quarantine folder and verified it is empty. I have also verified that every single one of the 25 files listed in quarantine has been restored by locating every file in their respective directories. Is there anything else you suggest I do to verify that hitting the delete button in Malwarebytes won't kill my computer?
  2. I was able to catch Malwarebytes before in quarantined more than 25 files. I was able to restore the files and avoid real trouble. Fortunately, my computer seems to be running fine. However, after running all of the required fixes and updates, Malwarebytes is still showing those 25 files in quarantine. I have verified that the Malwarebytes quarantine folder is empty and also that all 25 files are back in their original locations. How do I get Malwarebytes to stop showing those 25 files in quarantine.
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