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  1. Hello, I am a Full lifetime user and I have Remove MalwareBytes Permanently! I have run into issues with you new v 2.0 software rearranging the permissions on my machine even for the Administrator, ME!!!!! Any software that monkeys around with the way my permissions are setup IS HISTORY IMMEDIATELY!!! especially on Windows 8.1 Pro!!!! I have literally spent hours over many, many days getting the permission straightened out on the disk and in the registry due to screw ups in the update process from Windows 8.0 Pro to Windows 8.1 Pro, just to get it running half decent!!!! Look through the MS forums you will see the horror stories that is W 8.1 Pro. I really PITY the POOR People that are not the least bit IT savvy. One sees them crying Legitimately, over the problems that there having, my heart really breaks for them. Now you come along with absolutely no respect for the the users machine. A "Repair" software that I swore by in W 7 SP 1 did the same thing and I had to reimage my machine. Just in case you haven't realized it, THIS IS WHAT MALWARE DOES TO PEOPLES PC!!! I have given you several passes over your blunders over the years over PUPs, gutting my OS causing me to have to reimage and even today you have a false positive, but this is the end!!!! Good Bye, Crysta
  2. Hi shadowwar, Thank You for your quick response!!!! I figured so, so had already put it back where it belongs ..... whew!!!! Crysta
  3. Hi Folks, I am unsure whether this is a False Positive or not? Below is the log, hopefully an initial determination can be made? I have had MB ripe the guts out of my OS a few months back, once Bytten twice shy!!! I am also including some info from BillP Studio's Winpatrol Plus Info: Registry Server - REGSVR32 /S MQRT.DLL The file msmqintcert you requested was not found in our full database but has been added to our community feedback shield. Best Regards, Crysta LOG: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware www.malwarebytes.org Scan Date: 2014-03-24 Scan Time: 12:08:43 Logfile: Administrator: No Version: Malware Database: v2014.03.24.06 Rootkit Database: v2014.03.18.01 License: Premium Malware Protection: Enabled Malicious Website Protection: Enabled Chameleon: Enabled OS: Windows 8.1 CPU: x64 File System: NTFS User: Crysta T Lacey Scan Type: Hyper Scan Result: Completed Objects Scanned: 275142 Time Elapsed: 4 min, 0 sec Memory: Enabled Startup: Enabled Filesystem: Disabled Archives: Enabled Rootkits: Enabled Shuriken: Enabled PUP: Warn PUM: Enabled Processes: 0 (No malicious items detected) Modules: 0 (No malicious items detected) Registry Keys: 0 (No malicious items detected) Registry Values: 1 Trojan.Agent, HKLM\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\RUN|MsmqIntCert, "C:\Windows\System32\regsvr32.exe" /s "C:\Windows\System32\mqrt.dll", Quarantined, [43d348bf0f6c310529e72bbc38ca857b] Registry Data: 0 (No malicious items detected) Folders: 0 (No malicious items detected) Files: 0 (No malicious items detected) Physical Sectors: 0 (No malicious items detected) (end)
  4. Hi Folks, I went looking for the Portable version for v 2.0 but I could not find any Portable versions any more. I like to keep them on my Thumb drive for emergencies. Any word on Portables? Thank You for the new version!!!! Best Regards, Crysta
  5. My errors.txt was empty ..... nothing saying "SUCCESSFUL" or anything else???? I checked a very few files yesterday which were all on my C disk. I did the same today with the same result but I don't have the time to do more and am frustrated! Everything seems OK but that could be famous last words......... I will do a run of Reimage's Product, Reimage PC Repair, when I have a couple hours, which I usually do about every 3-4 months. This product works very well and one can get a one shot subscription if they want further reassurance. I would recommend though that people backup their crucial Data and Documents before running PC Repair just in case....... I sure hope this snafu never happens again!!! I have a recommendation: Could you put a switch in all levels of Detection so that I, the owner of this PC, can turn off the Automatic removal of Positive OR False Positive Infestation Detection. This is my PC, and I prefer to be in total control!!! I personally HAVE NOT lost faith in Malwarebytes Software or your Team, mistakes and run away software can happen. I just want you to know that!!! Best Regards, Crysta
  6. Hi Folks, Well I have run your .bat in safe mode per instructions irregardless of being able to logon nominally. I started out with 65 files in quarantine, after hitting restore several times, it went down to 61. Now after the .bat run it has gone down to 59 files. I don't have time to read 4 pages of comments to find out what to do with the rest of the files in quarantine. I want them gone, but safely, what do I do now? I have not pressed delete, waiting for further instruction on this as per my Email yesterday, which has not come beyond the initial acknowledgement. Thank You and Best Regards, Crysta
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