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  1. Well, lesson learned. I did not know that MBAM was only for non-email threats, nor that it did not scan email.
  2. If the case were so simple, why would I need Malware Bytes?
  3. First clue is that the email was from Me to Me. I get a lot of phone scam calls spoofing my Caller ID, too. However, when I printed out a copy of the scam email, the re-formatted message was from "silent inject" to Me with no subject. In the body all that was there was "90% Payload running... and the notation "Mutex_id:1WR25FFXHHHF" . This bothered me because I thought it may refer to a process running that was intended to lock up my PC by overloading the CPU. I am not an IT professional and need all the help I can get.
  4. Thanks, Dave. That was helpful, especially the link to haveibeenpawned.com . I use strong passwords (LastPass member for several years) and do not reply to strange emails. However, it is getting harder for me to sort out the fake threats, and that's why I posted this message. I am 76 and getting more feeble by the day , so I rely on Malware Bytes. Perhaps too much.
  5. I came home today after being away for a while and found a ransomware email on one of my PCs. Since Malwarebytes did not block it, I assumed it was a fake threat. I ran a threat scan and got nothing. The email was from Me to Me, and the subject line read [Malware Delivery Team] and more. The hacker claims to have hacked my router and injected some code into its firmware, going on to some length to try to convince me this was actually done. I didn't believe it and deleted the email and all instances of it from my PC. My question is why wouldn't Malware Bytes pick up on the fake email ransomware and quarantine it? I thought most malware came in through the email client. I cleaned up the fake ransomware on my own. I would hope Malware Bytes would be of help.
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