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  1. When I sat down at my computer today, Bitdefender alerted me to 57 infected files, all of them Malwarebytes files. I am attaching a screen shot with one of the alerts expanded to read where it says the problem is. Pretty much the other 56 alerts read the same. Does anyone know anything about this? I hadn't done anything risky with my computer, it's a Windows 7 model and I usually just use it for my crafting and sewing programs. How can I find out if these are legitimate warnings or not? Thanks for your time!! Kim
  2. I have checked the forums and found some posts about a month or so ago regarding similar issues (real-time protection keeps turning off, etc.). I saw that an update finally fixed most everybody's problems. I recently purchased Malwarebytes Premium 3.0 for a new pc, which downloaded as version My problem is with Exploit Protection. I keep seeing the red exclamation mark on the Malwarebytes icon on my taskbar, and when I check or open the program, the exploit protection is turned off and cannot be turned on. It seems like it's trying to turn it on, but doesn't. I can't find
  3. FYI using Malwarebytes PRO with Windows 7; System Restore seems to have worked for me thus far (whew!).
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