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  1. I too spent numerous hours diagnosing my older desktop computer, receiving error messages about memory, Chrome, several other programs running, etc. I thought my eight year old system was starting to pass away, and buying another one was now necessary. I'm in IT and take care of numerous client computer systems. Thankfully, most clients are shut down during the weekend, so it wasn't quite as bad for me as many others on this forum. It finally dawned on me that the culprit could be MBAM, and I went into the settings and disabled all real-time options. After restarting the system, things were back to normal. I remember the last time MBAM pushed out a faulty update that made the program go crazy and start quarantining hundreds of Windows processes, again crippling my computer. I turned off the auto quarantine option, and vowed never to turn it back on if something so simple could have such devastating consequences. We were told at that time that MBAM was completely overhauling their update system to prevent something like this from happening again. Well, here we are today with something similar. I won't be turning on real time protection again. I'm now going to recommend all clients never upgrade to the premium product, and those that have will keep real time protection turned off. I love using MBAM as the occasional malware scanner, but it's obvious their software developers can't handle their now complicated real time antivirus product.
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