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  1. I wanted to also make sure that I thanked you for being transparent and quickly establishing exactly what had happened as well as a prompt fix. I do understand that these issues do come up within the AV sphere, so I want to also apologize for any harsh words that I may have said while going through the issue yesterday. I cannot speak for those that I've helped - I doubt they will continue using this program. As for myself, the fact you have handled this exceptionally well in your honesty has renewed my faith in this company and its product. Again, thank you.
  2. Just wanted to comment that I was able to get the newest build installed and did restore the false flagged files to my affected folders. I was only lucky because I caught it in time (in fact, in the act.) I am not a professional within the IT field, simply a college-drop out affected by the financial collapse. (I managed to get my associate's before my family had reached a crisis.) I had installed this program on all of my family members' computers. My father has been unemployed for nearly three years now. Most of his job-hunting information is on a single computer. He's not technologically gifted, either. If he had just ran one update he would have done irreparable damage and lost everything. We would have lost everything. A lot of us are living on the fringe out here and we depend on our computers to get back to a stable point. We most certainly depend on our computer security products to make sure that computer issues do not come up. I have not been able to explain to my father why the hell his software would have done the exact opposite of it's intention tonight. We're both confused here. If you would have just tested the damn definitions before you sent them out none of this would have happened. This is where I need to excuse myself because I'm still upset and you probably did complete some kind of testing but the issue must have not come up in time. I have supported this product for years, but I'm sitting here wondering if I need to reconsider. Speaking specifically to the amount of damage done, my experience has been light. I really worry about all the damage the corporate users have. Especially if we're talking about computers of individuals like fire fighters or police municipalities. Sorry if this is rambling, I'm just pretty upset about this... Please understand I'm not mad at Malwarebytes. I'm simply upset at the situation and feel we are owed a transparent and detailed view at what went wrong and how this will never ever happen again. Thank you.
  3. I had nearly an identical experience to what you had. I even tried finding the missing file via a google search, but it still wouldn't work. My guess is that we need to wait until the next build. If we've lost files too critical for the program to install correctly, we might have to do some innovation here with the existing quarantine folder. Do not restart your computer! I'm really glad I attached my cooling pad to my laptop today. One overheat and I'd be screwed most likely.
  4. I had similar issues described throughout the thread. The program deactivated itself by removing files critical for it to run and my PC was saved. I can't run the program now so I'm forced to dig through the quarantine files and see if I can figure out which are bad apples and which aren't. I'm also wondering if I should just wait until the newest update is out to fix this by re installing the program and restoring the quarantined files. I still remember the most recent false positive. This is happening more frequently than ever before and it seems like the users with the instant protection had the worst of the damage. I understand mishaps like false positives are bound to happen, but this is really making me rethink if I should trust this company and its product. I've never had an issue until recently, but I could have had irreparable damage to all three computers in the home. I can't take that chance. Hope we have more information soon. I never registered on here until now.
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