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  1. thankyou for your help glad that I successfully got rid of it with the other tools I used wanted you guys to check it to be safe
  2. Ran both as asked scan came up clean here are the logs Addition.txt FRST.txt mbar-log-2014-12-21 (06-31-33).txt system-log.txt
  3. had an infection of that I think its gone now as I ran several cleaning programs I know I should of come here first but I had multiple copies of netstat.exe running and the dllhost.exe was trying to connect to malicious websites... anyways would like you giys to take a look and make sure nothing else is hiding on the computer for me thanks. see attached frst64 logs Addition.txt FRST.txt
  4. @AdvancedSetup WTF you wont reinburse me. You listen to me, Mbam reported tons of viruses spreading through my system, i did not know these were false positives. Thertefore i did what any sane person would do upon seeing MBAM report massive infection like this i cut my losses. I figured with such a large infection my computer and it being compimised on such a large scale that there was no way to safly remove it all, i could not boot to safe mode and i had credit card info passwords etc on the system i was not going to let the supposed Virus that did not exist access my personal data. so i for
  5. OK so none of your solutions worked i lost all my data reinstalling windows i want to be compensated for the loss of data what are you goin to do about the 3 gig of personal pictures music etc that is now gone from my computer because you released a faulty database that ruined my system i am a mb pro user so i payed for my system to get trashed its time you guys made a sticky about compensation for the users who already lost all there data
  6. Same thing my other computer just got hosed needed a reinstall i lost a LOT of data i hope malwarebytes is going to compensate users for this i had no chance to backup any data music games etc i was using mbam pro so i payed to have my data screwed up
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