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  1. Too late but whatever, better to be safe than sorry, I could actually use the fresh install anyways. I'll be ready to install MBAM once they release the new update.
  2. I'm having problems spelling basic words because of my fear -.- omfg, this is some sick late April Fools prank
  3. Same here, I usually do a typical update on both MSE and MBAM when I get back home from school. As soon as I updated MBAM, I tried to launch task manager to kill some unecessary tasks, quarantines every windows file. I swear, I don't like what they did, I'm in a serious state of paranoia because now I'm in fear of getting my accounts hijacked (which is what I usually expect when I get a virus/trojan this serious). Hopefully this is a flase positive, I don't like getting infections more than the next guy but jesus, I'm gonna lay MBAM off for awhile and fresh install Win 7 again. Please report b
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