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  1. Trend Micro OfficeScan 10.6.1062 MEE What exclusions specifically would you set up? for the program directories of each other? what if they try to access and scan the same file at the same time. Those types of conflicts are what he says can crash their machines.
  2. Are there any conflicts at the kernel level or anywhere else when running MalwareBytes Enterprise Edition alongside an AV scanner such as Trend Micro OfficeScan? We have a security researcher that said it will conflict, so his suggestion is for us to run TrendMicro OfficeScan as the primary AV scanner, and turn off realtime scanning in MalwareBytes EE and only use it as a remediation tool. He said running both in real time scanning will be a conflict and is not recommended. Can anyone give me some definitive data to show to management? I have found that using both of them at the same time both
  3. There was no quick way to repair hundreds of computers on the Enterprise level. Computers had to be put in safe mode but that was not possible because of physical locations of these computers. Me and my team were up to very early this morning fixing these computers. You should have dedicated support for your business and Enterprise customers who pay alot of money for this product and get the same email help that anyone else gets. Im not saying that we have to be treated any differently, but when you have hundreds or even thousands of computers to deal with instead of just one, it would have be
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