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  1. I should have added that I get the command prompt window too but nothing else
  2. I'm running windows vista home premium 32 bit, I can only boot in safe mode with no networking and I do not get a desktop when the computer is in safe mode. I've had suggestions to download fixes, which I obviously can't do. I have no second computer to help me, only an iPhone to get on this forum. It's been a week now and I have photography work to do for clients. Any idea when there might be a fix coming for my situation?
  3. Still not working, I'm not a techie either so simple instructions would be useful. Thanks
  4. This is all I can get up on my laptop in safe mode with no networking. I have no other computer to download anything on and can access this forum only by iPhone.
  5. If I could boot my laptop, I'd try some of the suggestions, all I've managed to get is the C:/ prompt when starting in safe mode without networking!
  6. I agree completely, I'm a photographer and need my laptop to edit my work for my clients. I can't even boot my laptop in safe mode! How am I going to fix this, because I'm not going to foot the bill if I have to send it to a shop to be fixed!
  7. I have the same problem too, it's quarantined a load of windows system files and I can't load a lot of my programmes, including MBAM and IE.
  8. I've had this too, it's quarantined a load of system files and now I can't open anything on my computer (Internet explorer, restore centre etc). How can I sort this out so I can actually use my laptop?
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