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  1. hi @nukecad, it's the main reason I was suggestion it, as my MB3 for the past 2 version releases hasn't auto updated. I'm not overly worried about that, happy to manually download and install over the top anyway but if I can't trust the auto update feature then an email notification when a new thread is created on the subject would be the next best thing. (BTW, the auto updating of the definition database is working fine, just the program updates themselves aren't working)
  2. yep, saw that, but if I follow that it won't help me for when a new thread for Malwarebytes 3.4 Now Available gets created to announce that new release. or am I missing something here? I was thinking if there was a thread under Announcements (for example) called New Releases, or what have you, that way I can follow New Releases and whenever a new thread gets posted, I could get an email notification.
  3. if it's there, my apologies, I couldn't find it. but, is there (or can there be) a thread where new versions are announced that I can follow and therefore can follow to get email notifications? for example, MB3 and ADWCleaner.
  4. @anth, since you are running Windows 10, don't forget, its inbuilt protection, Defender, is now consistently scoring as well as any AV package. see here; https://www.av-comparatives.org/
  5. I'm glad I stumbled on this thread. It was purely by chance but explains my last 2 days of hell. My work in Excel was driving me nuts and I was blaming some of my recent VBA macro changes only to discover MBAM was the culprit. I don't mind the current MBAM bug as the workaround is simple until the next release BUT my problems, the other thread posters, all the other poor sods currently in the same predicament (but don't even know it) and all the future ones to come could have had this side-stepped by a simple mass email to all your Pro clients. You that regard, you have droppe
  6. having recently upgraded to v3.0.0 and customising my settings, I had to do it again with the recent v3.0.4 update. any chance there can be an option to save your settings to an .INI file?
  7. it seems to get a database update, then a program update (if available), which then in turn needs another database update. why not get the program update first and only do one database update. be nice for those of us who don't have super fast internet. Thanks.
  8. So, after finding a thread covering this topic on Wilders, it seems I'm not alone with the issue. Looks like the program is working 'as coded' but people being confused as to the wording of those two update options. To get notified of new program updates AND have MBAM download them, you have to have the first option ticked. The second option has nothing to do with being notified there are newly released program updates, it only is used if the first option has downloaded the update already.
  9. I only knew v1.75 was available because I went to the website to check. I have Download and install program update if available turned off BUT Notify me when a program update is ready for installation ticked. So I would have thought the software would notify me that one was available. When I Check for updates, only database updates were downloaded. Am I doing something wrong or is this a problem?.
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