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  1. Confirming that I am also getting this detection. Backdoor.NanoCore, C:\USERS\USER\DOWNLOADS\RAZERSYNAPSEINSTALLER_DT_V1.0.67.89.EXE
  2. Dear Malwarebytes, This extention c9users.io hosts a multiude of user code and websites. The company that operates this site is C9.io recently acquired by Amazon Web Services. Any attempt to visit this site is automatically blocked. I am unsure why this is the case but it would be great to lift this ban so customers can visit there sites and pages. The IP address is Many Thanks
  3. No. gstatic is for static content. (pages and scripts deployed by Google's content delivery network.) They are not "spying" on us and it's a perfectly normal url.
  4. any ETA on when this update will be pushed out?
  5. Malwarebytes should issue an update later today. Might be in a couple of hours. Until then you can add the site to an exception list to prevent the pop-ups.
  6. I believe Malwarebytes may have accidently blocked gstatic.com (Google's static CDN for webpages and services.) as such you may have difficulty getting access to the site.
  7. Realtime protection is blocking ssl.gstatic.com and www.gstatic.com. Logs Domain: ssl.gstatic.com IP: Port: 64161 Domain: www.gstatic.com IP: Port: 64160
  8. Just to confirm what I've mentioned above, I have just tested Malwarebytes on a Automated Virtual Machine running windows 10. I can confirm that after getting the install setup running, mbam setup creates two start-up icons instead of just a single shortcut. Both lead to the same software. This should be able to provide you with a good grounds of being able to recreate the bug in the lab.
  9. I should of mentioned that when you run the malwarebytes installer. It creates two shortcuts in the start menu. 1. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Notifications 2. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Both point to the same program and as such the 1st shortcut is not needed. In addition search Prioritizes Notifications over Anti-Malware which then results in the shortcut displaying what could be seen as a different program. Ideally I would advise removing the Notifications shortcut and keeping the old Malwarebytes Anti-Malware shortcut. This is something the end user can do if you don't have MBAM inter
  10. Dear Malwarebytes, I am running a Windows 10 machine, I have upgraded to Malwarebytes without issues in the past however today I have noticed that the shortcut name has changed from Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Notifications. Upon looking at each shortcut I can see the path is the exact same. If I delete the shortcut Malwarebytes Anti-malware notifications shortcut the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware shortcut displays correctly. Please note I have done the following. 1) Run mbam-clean.exe 2) Ensured that the Operating System is reset (which has been done 4 times wit
  11. I can also confirm this bug is present in the latest build of malwarebytes, Malwarebytes opens up when the update schedule is triggered on boot, I've noticed other applications also having the same effect (Adobe Creative Cloud). I'm wondering if it's a new API implimented on MBAM and CC or a windows update that has broken the task scheduler's old tasks.
  12. Hey pbust, Many thanks for clarifying, It seems like GOG is bundling in the PDF reader without user concent. MAE is detecting the request as an expliot attempt. I have asked along with a couple of other users to get them to change the reader to an opt-in mode. For now i'll let MAE contiune to block the PDF reader as I have no use for it. Thanks again Oliver
  13. Hey pbust, sorry about that. I'm attaching the logs now. mbae-config.zip
  14. Hi Malwarebytes, Just wanted to give a quick heads up, I'm currently using a client from gog.com, The client bundles in foxit reader and upon installation of the game, the temp file foxitreader.tmp is blocked by MAE. Once a game has been downloaded using the client, the foxitreader.tmp file is executed however MAE blocks the file believing that it's malware. {WinDrive}:\Users\{user}\AppData\Local\temp\is-7O2RL.tmp\Foxitreader.tmp {WinDrive}:\Users\{user}\AppData\Local\temp\is-BHS5U.tmp\Foxitreader.tmp {WinDrive}:\Users\{user}\AppData\Local\temp\is-IRBBV.tmp\Foxitreader.tmp "Foxitre
  15. Greetings Malwarebytes, I have noticed that the Battlelog Plugin has been flagged as a back door by Malwarebytes. Location: Backdoor.Bot.ED, Battlelog Web Plugins\helper.exe battlelog-web-plugins_2.6.2_157.exe (executable that i downloaded from the battlefield website.) Database Versions: Malware Database: v2015.02.19.07 Rootkit Database: v2015.02.03.01 battelog-web-plugins_2.6.2_157.exe has been scanned over at Virus Total: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/825d7d5867c21bd23f8df180256ca5e60076c5f5e00c3069f6befff14e79c62d/analysis/1424368822/ helper.exe has also been
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