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  1. Hey Firefox, I got the promo advertisement for Mbytes 4.0 “new and improved faster scanning and half the cpu usage compared to previous versions”. I followed the link to the website and followed the instructions and installed it. I’m sure I didn’t do anything wrong so perhaps it was just a hiccup in the system.
  2. After submitting the log files I went ahead and clicked the repair feature. It apparently uninstalled and reinstalled Malwarebytes completely and it seems to have fixed the issue.
  3. Hey all, I'm using the new Malwarebytes Premium Package 1.0.0/Component Package 1.0.718 When I first installed this version it update and everything was working fine. Today it is informing me that real time malware protection is disable. When I go to settings it won't let me move the slider to the "on" position for "Malware". I'm also running Windows Defender for virus protection.
  4. I did some troubleshooting and may have found the problem. If I'm correct it's the chrome extension "Flash Video Downloader". This however may not apply to everyone in this thread. I disabled all of my extensions, closed chrome and reopened and enabled each one one at a time. Each time I turned on Flash video Downloader extension it popped the malwarebytes warning window. I removed the extension, went to Chrome web store and downloaded the latest version. So far so good. I'll wait until a Malwarebytes support tech looks at the files I included though.
  5. FRST.txt Addition.txt mwbthreatscan520.txt Sorry, not trying to hijack someone else's thread. If a mod wants to make my post a separate thread please do so.
  6. I was able to download a different iso and successfully ran DISM. Thank you for the assistance!
  7. Looks like I'll have to dig up a Windows 10 iso image because DISM is not wanting to restore files from my HD image.
  8. It would seem that the problem was that I had lingering files from Avast left on the system. Once I used their uninstall tool Windows Defender came back up. Thank you! I still seem to have an issue with system file checker coming back with errors, any advice you can give on that?
  9. Thanks for the reply! I ran all scans and attached the text files to this post. mwb threat scan report.txt AdwCleaner[S0].txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  10. Hello, I'm experiencing an issue with Windows Defender but I unfortunately I also think the problem may be more widespread than that with Windows 10. I normally run Malwarebytes Premium along with MSE/Windows Defender but just noticed today that Windows Defender is giving me an error saying that it's been turned off. I did a scan with Malwarebytes as well as ran a scan using ClamWin. Both scans from both programs found no malicious files. I researched ways to turn Defender back on and none of the methods listed got me anywhere. I've run sfc /scannow and it comes back saying there were errors but windows was unable to fix some. I tried running DISM with /restorehealth command and it doesn't like the source file. Any assistance is appreciated! Thanks, Coug
  11. Completely forgot I had made this thread. I think I might have gotten it to work but could you give me the latest version number so I can varify it with the version I've got?
  12. I keep getting this error when trying to update Mbam. It's definitely NOT my internet access either. It's something going on with Mbam.
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