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  1. The info about "Web Protection guards all network connections" is really a game changer for me. It's a keeper. Also, the iptest worked as described both with FF in sandboxie and out. Thanks for all the info. much appreciated.
  2. Activated web protection and no slow ups, and the mbamtray icon actually loads a few seconds faster. Now with Exploit Protection I can verify that it's working in FireFox by using Sysinternals Process Explorer to verify that Anti-Exploit is embedded in FF by seeing the Mbae64.dll.. My question is how can I verify the same with Web Protection. I checked in Process Explorer and I don't see any entries by Malwarebytes pertaining to Web Protection. Would there be .dll there that I should be looking for? Other than the previous, FF is running well with Web Protection activated.
  3. Thanks. I already have version via the internal updater.
  4. Have got the mbamtray icon to appear now down to around 37secs.. Have enabled "Delay Protection for 15 secs." and disabled "Enable Self-protection module" and running Malware and Anti Exploit protection only. Browser is Firefox running in the protection of Sanboxie. Also am back to using Spinx Windows10 Firewall free version. This old rig is purring along quite nicely now in Windows 7. 🙂
  5. Interesting. Don't know how I would get rid of those entries as the comodo cleanup tool doesn't find them. That answers what is was saying about the sphinx firewall and the comodo problem. Just to add, after I used the avast cleanup tool, I noticed and new entry Avast in the registry HKLM\Software\Wow6432node that I couldn't delete. Even used the RegAssassine and it couldn't delete as it was hidden from it. Couldn't take control as there was error after error popping up. Anyway I did a re-image with macrium and case solved. Now as the firewall goes, I ditched Sphinx and now running MB Windows
  6. Thanks again. Ran avast, kaspersky and comodo clean up tools in safe mode. Avast found a lot of stuff to my surprise, Kaspsersky a moderate amount and comodo found nothing. ?? lol. I kind of think that windows10firewall control has/had a connection with comodo dns in some way. As I recall, others complained about in the windows10firewall forum. Just a thought. As far as the computer goes it is getting long in the tooth as I purchased it with XP on it. Am an old guy with an old computer. LOL. Cheers.
  7. No other security apps are running but MBAM with only malware protection on. The MBAMtray.exe still takes app. 80 seconds to load. The new malwarebytes support tool download is in the above. Edit: just read your reply as I was typing this.
  8. OK. Disabled VD shield and Firewall protection so hopefully this will work now. Am surprised about Comodo though. Ran the cleanup tool to clear it out, must be some remnants left over. mbst-grab-results.zip
  9. Have activated the pro version of MBAM as I was just using it to do periodic scans. I have activated MBAM to startup with windows startup. My question is, how long should it take for the mbamtray.exe icon to appear? I have timed it and it takes anywhere to from 80secs. to almost a 100secs.. Is this normal? Other tray icons appear instantly so I am curious as it seems on the slow side. Windows 7 64bit system here.
  10. Number 4 level. Lower the memory level. I know MBAM is not considered an antivirus utility, but when you see how much lower the memory is in Avast, Panda, Bitdefender etc. and even MSE for that matter, I don't understand why MBAM memory cannot be lowered. Lastly include MBAE with MBAM.
  11. I want to use the latest MBAM beta version

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