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  1. Well, at least there SEEMS TO BE some live person somewhere at Malwarebytes -- too bad that live person isn't in their so-called "Support" I did get an answer (of sorts) to my question about going from my current 2 computer license to a 3 computer license at renewal. Basically the answer was We Don't Give A Damn, That's Your Problem. According to your Gabriel: "we cannot add additional or remove additional devices onto a license" -- which didn't exactly answer my question but did make it clear that if I want to go forward with Malwarebytes for my three computers, I would need to simply let the current license expire then buy a new license for the three computers (or, of course, I could be stupid enough to just buy 1 new license at full price now, and buy the two computer renewal for the other two computers separately). But I don't think I am going to have to face that problem because I think it is clearly time to look for malware protection that actually works right. Malwarebytes had good scores on tests against a variety of threats in tests run by some industry media, but none of those tests involved actually having malwarebytes running on a PC in actual operation. Having run Malwarebytes for a year I have found simply too many problems and failures for me to trust it going forward - as an example, here are SOME of the problems I have encountered while running Malwarebytes for one year: 1. While I was running Malwarebytes 2.x with the software set to check for and install updates and to notify me whenever a full version update was available, it did NOT notify me when MB3 was released. 2. Several occasions while running MB2 and later MB3, I would find a notice that realtime protection was off. Of course, each time I would turn it on, but it concerned me because I had certainly never turned it off - so how had realtime protection turned itself off? 3. I am currently running MB3.0.6 which tells me it is completely up to date. BUT here on the website, I see that MB3.3 was released several months ago. If 3.3 was released in November of last year, I cannot see how 3.0.6 can tell me "No updates are available." Clearly your "Check for updates" is still totally broken. 4. A few days ago I found that MB3 had been completely removed from this computer -- despite the fact that "self protection" has always been turned on and I certainly did NOT uninstall malwarebytes. 5. Even a quick glance through this forum reveals that all of these problems have been experienced (and reported!) by other users, but no solutions have been implemented. Hey! Wow! While I have been typing this MB3 just popped up a notice that a new version update IS available -- despite having twice told me that NO updates are available when I checked several minutes ago. So apparently the update notification does work - OCCASIONALLY - when it feels like it. Sorry guys, but malware protection that works occasionally when it feels like it is NOT GOOD ENOUGH.
  2. Well I see that dealing with Malwarebytes (the company, not the software) has not gotten any easier... in fact it seems to have become even more complex. I've been using Malwarebytes for about a year now and I just got my renewal notice for my upcoming renewal next month. That reminder caused me to think about Malwarebytes, otherwise I generally just count on the program's real time protection and scheduled scans but don't think about it. The first thing that happened when I thought about Malwarebytes is that I opened the system tray intending to open the program -- hmmmm... No icon in the system tray, that seems odd. So I looked in the menu and didn't find an entry for Malwarebytes. Then I looked in the programfiles folder and didn't find it there. Uh Oh! Surprise, surprise, Malwarebytes had completely disappeared from this computer. OK, reinstall MB3 and let it do a complete scan which ought to take quite a while on a system with a bit over 11TB of hard drive storage - then I discover that Malwarebytes assumes it is so much smarter than I am, so I won't let me configure it to scan anything besides the parts of the C: drive that wants to scan. Instead I have to manually scan each of the other drives. OK. Funny, I thought I remembered there being a way to configure where it scanned when I first set up the program a year ago, but obviously there is no such setting in MB3. Funny thing is that MB2 and MB3 both had "Self Protection" turned on - but obviously MB3 didn't protect itself very well because something removed it completely. Of course the Self Protection setting not working shouldn't have surprised me very much because I already knew that the "Notify me when full version updates are available" had NOT worked in MB2 which never notified me about MB3 even though it had been checking for updates regularly and had the "Notify me...." setting turned on. I had only found out about the full version update to MB3 when I had a problem with MB2 and support told me to install the latest version of MB3. Meanwhile I came to the website to ask "Support" about changing my subscription from the current two computers to three computers when this subscription runs out in a month. I figured I needed to ask because last year I needed to go from one computer to two computers and Malwarebytes made that rather more difficult than I would have expected (ended up having to completely cancel my subscription and get a refund, then start a whole new subscription for two computers). I had little hope that the process would be easier this year, but I didn't really expect that just asking the question was going to be a more complex runaround. I went to the Support page where Malwarebytes brags about NOT having live support (as if that is supposed to be a good thing) and telling you how great their email support is. So I followed the link that said it was for email support. THAT link went to some other company's "live chat" page which provided another link that took me back to Malwarebytes to their "email" support (a web form, of course), where I was eventually able to type in my question. Along the way, I was treated to a page telling me that I needed to log in to be able to read and follow the page, but when I clicked on the Log In link, it took me to another page telling me that customer log in didn't exist yet, and providing another link back to a page telling me that I didn't need to log in. (I'm sorry if this saga sounds confusing -- but it's confusing because wading through the malwarebytes.com website tonight has been very confusing.) Actually, at this point I'm beginning to have second thoughts about renewing my subscription for Malwarebytes at all. The program is supposed to provide good protection but I have to worry when settings like "Notify me..." and especially "Self Protection" simply don't work.
  3. Latest Version of Malwarebytes - Says it detects threats, supposedly deletes the threats, but the same "threats" are still present. Two of the detected threats are to a single registry key that malwarebytes detects twice under different names. The registry key is a LOAD key but the file it points to (msqokurt.scr) does not exist on the system. I tried to find any information about this supposed msqokurt.scr but online searches do not find any mention of this filename anywhere. By the way, your directions for getting help here are wrong in that they say to select immediate email notifications but there is no such choice. The only choice offered is "Follow this topic" -- I don't know if "Follow this topic" actually does anything or not because the original thread that I posted this morning about the problem aready had six replies and I had not received any notices. Just a hint, but it is frustrating for customers to keep getting incorrect directions (such as being told to right-click on dds.scr in Win7 to run it as an administrator then the nonsense about selecting immediate email notifications here). Such grossly obvious errors suggest that either the company responsible is incompetent or that they don't care enough to keep their own information correct. Neither is very encouraging for customers or potential customers. attach.txt dds.txt mbam-log-2013-04-03 (09-22-19).txt MBAM-log-2013-04-03 (09-30-18).txt mbam-log-2013-04-03 (09-37-46).txt
  4. Great answer -- follow the link that tells me I should look for help in the forum! By the way, what the hell is wrong with the forum post editor that it will not let you put a carriage return anywhere in any post. (And don't bother telling me that it has something to do with my system because my RETURN key works everywhere else, it just does not work in the malwarebytes forums)
  5. I have the latest version of malwarebytes and its latest update. I originally downloaded the free version a few months ago when it had been highly recommended. I have run its quick and full scans a few times, and of course, it always finds something, but other than letting it delete the threats I didn't pay close attention to what it actually did or didn't do. Yesterday I ran a quick scan, selected to have malwarebytes remove all the threats and let it reboot the system. Then I ran a full scan, again selected to have it remove all the threats, and again let it reboot the system. This morning I had malwarebytes do a quick scan and I detected five threats. I thought some of those threats looked familiar but I couldn't be sure. I had malwarebytes remove the five threats and reboot the system. After the reboot, I immediately had malwarebytes perform another quick scan. It found exactly the same five threats that it had just claimed to have removed. Again, I had it delete them, again I had it reboot the system, and again those same five threats were back as soon as it rebooted. I know it might be possible for something else to be recreating theats when the system reboots, but it that were the case why wouldn't the full scan detect THAT threat - or more accurately THOSE threats since the "threats" malwarebytes detects and fails to delete appear to be unrelated. mbam-log-2013-04-03 (09-22-19).txt MBAM-log-2013-04-03 (09-30-18).txt mbam-log-2013-04-03 (09-37-46).txt
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