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  1. I just did a full system restore on my computer, because of issues with updates not working, etc. Well, the updates still didn't work, so I re-added the Malwarebytes program and ran a scan. The item that came up is "Hijack.DisplayProperties", in the registry data category, with the item description "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer\NoActiveDesktopChanges. It lists this as "bad", but I read somewhere that this can be a false positive. The only thing I have done since restoring the system is attempt to run windows updates (some failed), update Java, and install the Malwarebytes and another program, Superantispyware, to scan for any issues. I have no idea if this result is an actual error with the system, or something that I can safely ignore. An earlier post mentioned that this could be ignored, but with the updates not working, how can I know if this is a problem or not? Any advice would help here. Thanks.
  2. Just installed this program myself, and had the same thing come up. I am using 64-bit Vista, for the record. I have nothing in the quarantine file to restore, either, but have no issues with getting into the registry. Went to the location, and it seems, oddly enough, that this is already (still?) set to a value of 1. The "NoActiveDesktop", type REG_DWORD is set to a value of 0x00000001. Does this mean the MalwareBytes didn't change it after all?
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