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  1. I do that as well it's a great learning experience to lurk & read too
  2. @celee I do not have the option yet. However I am on my iPod touch currently, I will check again when I'm on a computer. Thank you so much
  3. This is awesome news!!!!! Maybe I should use it instead of my MSE? hmmmm
  4. Gotcha! No worries, there are certainly more important things to tackle I've hardly changed my profile picture in 8 years.
  5. Poo. Alright, thank you very much
  6. Thank you for the reply! I am at about 98% capacity though, will making a folder and moving the messages free up space, or no?
  7. Hello Is there no longer a way to archive PM's from the forum? There used to be, and I was looking to archive some of my old PM's before deleting them entirely. Thanks
  8. I've been watching the show Lucifer. It is brilliant and amazing
  9. I have been listening to Disturbs's newest album "Immortalized" and I am in love with it. Especially track 5, "the Light". Mr. Draimens cover of "The Sound of Silence" is absolutely incredible. I have also been listening to Five Finger Death Punches newest album, "Got Your Six". Awesome album. I purchased their album "War is the Answer" recently too.
  10. I'm so glad he was able to help you! Malwarebytes and everyone involved with them are awesome!!!
  11. You're welcome guys! I love that song so much. I've listened to several covers -- they're all great. Macy Kate is pretty awesome. Here is a live performance of Radioactive -- it's amazing.
  12. I don't drink, how about some rich hot chocolate instead?
  13. I had a similar issue recently, and Fernando was very helpful (via email) and my license is now working again!
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