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  1. You're welcome Aura. Lol You're both awesome
  2. Aura is super awesome!! paid Malwarebytes will not disappoint you either
  3. It works in Microsoft edge! Thank you I was using Firefox before.
  4. I do that as well it's a great learning experience to lurk & read too
  5. @celee I do not have the option yet. However I am on my iPod touch currently, I will check again when I'm on a computer. Thank you so much
  6. @GT500 any ideas? (I think you play/have played Steam games. My apologies if I am wrong).
  7. This is awesome news!!!!! Maybe I should use it instead of my MSE? hmmmm
  8. Gotcha! No worries, there are certainly more important things to tackle I've hardly changed my profile picture in 8 years.
  9. Poo. Alright, thank you very much
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